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Golden Goat THC Distillate Cartridge

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  • Brand: Liquid Sunshine

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  • Liquid Sunshine THC Distillate Cartridge1 x Golden Goat THC Distillate Cartridge ( 1 x 1 gram THC Distillate cartridge)


1 review for Golden Goat THC Distillate Cartridge

  1. Vend

    Golden Goat. Hmm…odd name. This one seems to be more of a head-high than anything.

    I would use this strain for daytime use.

    Tastes kinda lemony on the exhale and reminds me of Lemon Pledge furniture oil. I doesn’t taste like it, well maybe, but it definitely has the limonene terpene in it. This terpene is good for reduction of anxiety and inflammation.

    I did not feel any paranoia or any other weird psychoactive effects.

    It might make you feel a bit light-headed, but yet functional.

    I would use this one in the daytime (I deal with chronic pain a lot) for helping with muscle aches and pains and for taking the edge off of anxiousness as well.

    I hope this information helps.


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