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B+ Chocolates


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B+ strain of cubensis, also referred to as the chameleon mushroom strain due to its ability to blend and grow in a wide range of temperature conditions, is the infamous strain present in these chocolates. You can read many positive feedbacks about the effects these B+ chocolates provide, yet your own experience with them will still be unique to you. 


  • Warm and euphoric high
  • In-depth spiritual trip
  • Alters perception and time
  • Unique experience

The Warmest Visual High

B+ Chocolates are famous for delivering the warmest visual trip. B+ magic shroom is considered one of the best magic shrooms for beginners for a very convincing reason. The trip it offers to its users is truly a spectacular one. 

When you consume these shroom-infused edibles, we highly recommend surrounding yourself with people who bring positive energy to the experience, and a place that is uplifting and you enjoy being in. These aspects will play a significant part in the quality and depth of your trip. 

One of the best places to let this trip come alive is in nature. The way the trees and the green grass will come alive giving off a magical shining and sparkles, will open your eyes and your senses to a lively wonderland. It may take a bit of time for the high to kick in, but once it does, it will be nothing short of amazing as your perception taps into a whole new dimension where time seems to stand still. 

Tips For Beginners

Experienced shroomers are already well aware of their tolerance levels and their ideal dosage to maximise their experience of the trip B+ Chocolates can offer. But if you are a beginner, we know this can be a bit tricky, overwhelming, and it requires a bit of exploration. 

If you don’t know what dosage is ideal for you, then we strongly recommend starting with less than a whole magic shroom-infused edible. Start small and slow, and increase dosage if needed. This is the best and safest way to start consuming B+ Chocolates. 

If you start with a dosage that turns out to be too much for you, there is nothing you can do about it except ride it out. But if you start with just a quarter size or half size, and after about 1-2 hours you aren’t noticing any effects, then you can confidently increase your dosage by a bit.


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