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Even if you haven’t had a close friend or family member who has been directly affected by the COVID-19 virus, chances are you’re still super stressed about the state of the world these days. It makes sense, after all — we haven’t seen a global pandemic like this ever, and with the constant media attention, it can feel impossible to get away from the struggle for even a few minutes of relative sanity.


Cannabis can be a fantastic tool to ease the suffering of quarantine, however, and in the following blog post, we’ll be telling you why.


Cannabis and Self Care 


Once upon a time, using the words cannabis and self-care in the same sentence would’ve raised a whole lot of eyebrows. Today, though, we’ve come a long way from the fear-mongering War on Drugs campaign espoused by Ronald Reagan, and with more and more research institutions dedicating time, energy, and capital to studying how cannabis works, we’ve been able to get am much better idea of just how potentially therapeutic the plant can be.


Self-care is always an important thing to practice, but during a global pandemic, it’s becoming even more significant. Stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression are perfectly healthy, natural responses to the bizarre, confusing, and distressing state of the world today. Rather than try to pretend those feelings aren’t there, it’s a lot more healthy to accept them as they are and take steps to make yourself feel better. 


Self-care routines can take a ton of different forms, but just about all of them can be enhanced with the introduction of a little cannabis. Check out how just a couple of common techniques can be therapeutically enhanced with a little help from Mary Jane:


1: Yoga 


Yoga has been known to provide significant benefits to mood, in addition to the physical and mental health benefits we’ve been hearing about for years — and when you add in cannabis, a generally restorative experience can become downright medicinal. Because you don’t need to go outside to do yoga, it’s the perfect quarantine activity. 


A woman doing yoga at sunrise by the sea.


Go for an uplifting, Sativa-dominant strain to augment your yoga practice, as that’ll keep your mind alert and prevent your downward dog from drifting into a sleeping puppy. 


2: Cooking and Baking 


Doing things with your hands has been scientifically proven to alleviate stress; it’s part of why CBT is such an effective method of therapy. If you’re cooking up a storm in quarantine, consider throwing some cannabis into the mix. 


A nug of cannabis next to a stack of cookies.


You don’t need to make edibles, although that’s a ton of fun in and of itself — simply indulging in a little marijuana before you begin the process will help you to approach the whole thing more mindfully, in turn augmenting your self-care practice and making sure you’ll be able to keep your cool during these trying times.




Whether yoga and cooking have always been a part of your self-care routine, or whether you’re thinking about taking them up for the first time, don’t underestimate the role cannabis can play in making these quarantine activities even more effective at fighting stress than they already are. 


If you’re looking for a Sativa-dominant strain to help out your yoga practice, check out the range of products we have here at Greenz — you’re bound to find the perfect strain for your situation. formerly
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