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Westcoast Express Shatter


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Dabbing has forever changed the way that we smoke. While smoking flower may still be the most popular way to consume weed, dabbing concentrates is becoming more mainstream. Shatter is a highly-refined type of weed concentrate that’s perfect for dabbing. Westcoast Express doesn’t disappoint with their shatter, which balances premium quality with a fair price point.


  • High-grade Butane Hash Oil (BHO) Extract
  • Four strains, including both Indica and Sativa
  • Perfect for dabbing
  • Competitive pricing

Uses and Effects

Concentrates are a highly-purified goop comprised of cannabinoids and terpenes. It has a significantly higher THC content than flower does – while buds usually max out around 30 percent THC, many concentrates can reach 90 percent purity or more. As a result, the effects of concentrates are highly potent, and may include possible benefits like:

  • Rush of euphoria
  • Relaxing and calming emotions
  • Relief from chronic pain and swelling
  • Increased creativity
  • Relief from anxiety or depression

Strains and Ingredients

Westcoast Express’ shatter is a type of concentrate called Butane Hash Oil (BHO). It gets its name from its extraction process, which involves using butane as a solvent. BHO – which often appears as a hard, brittle, amber-coloured slab or thick, sticky goo – is the industry standard of concentrates. If you’re intimidated by the presence of butane in this extract, don’t worry. Westcoast Express purges the butane from its shatter before it hits the shelves.

While some companies simply offer a single strain in their extracts, Westcoast Express took a different approach. Strain variety was important to Westcoast Express when they were developing their Shatter. They wanted to ensure that they didn’t alienate smokers based on their strain preferences. To prevent this, they decided on four classic strains with traits that will appeal to everyone including:

  • Acapulco Gold – one of the best-known strains in the world, this Sativa takes its name from the area of Acapulco, Mexico. It provides an energizing high with a powerful, euphoric buzz.
  • Bruce Banner – this plant is big and green, just like its comic book namesake. In another similarity to the Hulk, it also packs a powerful Indica punch.
  • Death Bubba – one of the children of the legendary Bubba Kush strain, this heavy Indica offers a heavy body load and a sedative high.
  • Green Crack – this strain’s name is somewhat deceptive: while you may expect it to be euphoric and energizing, it’s actually a chilled-out Indica.

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