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Viridesco RSO Pink Gorilla Punch

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This unique extract combines an unusual extraction method with potent and unusual strains. Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a cannabis extract developed by Canadian marijuana activist Rick Simpson. Simpson developed this extract as a way to treat several different health issues that he was facing. Today, countless marijuana enthusiasts use RSO worldwide for a plethora of reasons.


  • Specially-formulated Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)
  • Generally consumed orally, can also be smoked or used topically
  • Unique recipe features three distinct strains
  • Has a possible slew of health benefits

Uses and Effects

RSO is a unique type of cannabis concentrate developed by – you guessed it – a Canadian named Rick Simpson. Rick became a medical marijuana advocate after a work accident in 1997. He’ been renovating a poorly-ventilated, asbestos-ridden hospital when toxic fumes overcame him. He collapsed from the ladder he’d been working on, hitting his head and knocking himself unconscious. After a trip to the hospital, he recovered but continued to suffer from dizzy spells and tinnitus.

Things got worse for Simpson after that. In 2003, he noticed lumps on his arm for the first time. His doctor confirmed Simpson’s fears when he diagnosed Simpson with cancer. Simpson had heard about how cannabis could kill cancer cells in mice, and devised his own extract to experiment on his own cancer. He states that his experiments were successful, and worked for the rest of his life to spread the word of RSO worldwide.

This RSO extract is based on Simpson’s recipe. While Simpson originally used RSO as a topical solution, users can just as easily smoke it or consume it orally. It features a blend of Indica and Sativa traits. As a result, it may have several health benefits. These may include:

  • Increased appetite
  • Reduced swelling and pain
  • Relaxed and calming emotions
  • Euphoric and creative high
  • Boosted mood
  • Improved sleep and longer sleep time

Strains and Ingredients

Pink Gorilla RSO is produced using a mix Pink Kush, Gorilla Glue #4, and Papaya Punch flowers. As a result, it inherited some traits from each of these strains. It picks up some Sativa traits from Gorilla Glue, including a euphoric and creative high. It also took some notes from the Indica heritage of Pink Kush and Papaya Punch, offering powerful sedative and relaxing effects. These strains each have their own distinct aromas, including floral tones, vanilla notes, and fruity, sweet aromas.

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