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Tom Ford Pink Kush

(7 customer reviews)

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  • Brand: Friendly Flower Co.

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Also called “TPFK” by some, Tom Ford Pink Kush is a rare strain that is usually only found in Canada. Its origins are fairly mysterious – no one is sure exactly where it came from or what its parents were. One thing that we do know for sure: Tom Ford Pink Kush doesn’t mess around.

This insanely powerful strain boasts a THC concentration that regularly reaches between 23 and 25 percent, ranking it among some of the strongest strains on the planet. This indica-dominant hybrid will enchant medical and recreational smokers alike with its combination of appealing flavour and hard-hitting high.


  • Massive THC Concentration – 23-25 percent
  • Heavily indica-dominant genetics
  • Rare strain – hop on this whenever possible
  • Incredible terpene profile: sweet, citrus, honey, and more

Appearance and Aroma

It’s hard to pick whether this strain looks or smells better. On one hand, its colouring is really something else. Pink, red, and purple hues glossed with a sheet of trichome crystals glisten in any ambient light, making it one of the more visually appealing strains we’ve ever seen.

On the other hand, Tom Ford Pink Kush’s aroma and taste are next-level. A combination of citrusy, herbal, sour, sweet, and earthy Kush scents swirl around this strain, titillating the nose with its wide, complex profile. Somehow, its flavour manages to top its aroma, adding in a faint woody aftertaste.

With that being said, we’re undecided about whether this strain is more visually or aromatically appealing. You’ll just have to try some out for yourself and perform your own taste test!

Uses and Effects

Considering this strain’s super-high THC concentration, it’s not surprising that medical and recreational patients alike have taken so quickly to it. Recreational smokers say that Tom Ford Pink Kush has a euphoric, happy high that’s balanced by its relaxing vibes. Make sure to have snacks on-deck when you smoke this strain – you may come down with a serious case of the munchies.

7 reviews for Tom Ford Pink Kush

  1. Pri

    Amazing, perfect buzz for relaxing

  2. me1h

    Good not great but decent premium bud

  3. Josh

    It’s pretty good. I have had way better tom ford but this one is decent.

  4. Exce

    Real nice bud. Glad I was able to pick up this pink kush. Beautiful dark coloured buds with that awesome pink kush nose. Great for unwinding after a long day. Thanks Greenz!

  5. Alex

    Wow this tom ford pink kush is so good great taste great buzz 5/5

  6. Doji

    Awesome stuff. I would definitely order this again when its in stock. It’s a knockout strain that puts you t’sleep.

  7. pope

    Gassy, crystal coated purple buds that pack a punch. This is some exceptional pink here.

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