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Sweet Leaf Shatter

(18 customer reviews)

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Sweet Leaf is a top Canadian concentrate producer for good reason. Their products are made from high-quality flower, that result in top-notch extracts and goods. The Shatter from Sweet Leaf is no different. They specially extract their high-quality hybrid flower for a well-balanced high, and a beautifully refined, and glass-like shatter concentrate.

More about its Characteristics and Potency

Shatter has a unique consistency that provides an entourage of effects, from its blend of THC, cannabinoids and terpenes. The translucent nature of the concentrate shows its fineness, and you’ll taste the crisp and clean aromas upon your first hit. Sweet Leaf boosts average levels of 73% for their shatters, meaning you’ll also be treated to high potencies for ultimate soothing and relief.

The shatters most prominent scent notes for taste include:

  • Woody
  • Fresh
  • Natural
  • Earthy

Effects and Use

Due to its unique ‘breakable’ type texture, Shatter is often preferred for dabbing. But, it can be added to flower bowls or joints, or added to a portable dab rig pen, too. Either way, you’ll inhale the smooth smoke of Sweet Leaf’s shatter and enjoy its well-balanced Hybrid effects. That are ideal for daytime or nighttime use.

The shatter’s potent traits are ideal for treating many common conditions and symptoms like:

  • Chronic pain
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Muscle strain
  • Inflammation

Tips for Consuming Sweet Leaf Shatter

If you’re new to dabbing… remember, a little dab’ll do ya. Of course, remembering each dab is a highly concentrated amount of THC. So, if you’re a beginner consumer in general, it’s best to begin low and slow with your doses, to gauge your own individual effects, first.

Additional Information

18 reviews for Sweet Leaf Shatter

  1. BoBo

    Love this shatter it really is potent. Highly recommend!!

  2. 2vix

    good stuff

  3. 2vix

    tried 6 dif kinds. some broke apart crisply, and others were more soft. all are excellent.

  4. duck

    Great stuff

  5. janr

    I add a little bit to my joints and it gives that extra kick needed after a long hard day!

  6. janr

    I add a little to my joints and it gives that extra kick needed!

  7. Jamm

    Only second type of shatter I’ve tried and this was very enjoyable. Had to crank up some Sabbath afterwards

  8. negc

    I like the potency and value of sweet leaf shatter. Will buy again

  9. jess

    White rhino is rad

  10. duck

    Enjoyed this brand. Will get again

  11. TONY

    Clean & Good taste.
    Clean & Good high.
    All I wanted!

  12. Rank


  13. Rank

    Great Product , I like a lot and im a strong smoker

  14. Lord

    Ghost Train Haze was excellent. Solid buy for the price

  15. Lolu

    Great shatter… really potent

  16. Shan

    A bit crumbly but tasted good and would buy again

  17. jess

    great shatter

  18. jess

    I really enjoyed this one

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