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Straight Goods

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Although they’re a relative newcomer to the cannabis market, Straight Goods is making a splash with these THC Cartridges. Even though they’re new, Straight Goods is on the fast-track to becoming a cannabis industry household name.

The upstart extract company, hailing from British Columbia, hit a home run by combining nearly pure THC Distillate with natural terpenes and packaging them in these carts. They offer a variety of strains, from the chilled-out vibes of indicas to the high-flying euphoria you’d find in sativas. That way, users can choose their favourite strains.


  • Cartridges filled with 95 percent Cannabis Distillate and 5 percent organic terpenes
  • 1 gram per Cartridge
  • Variety of strain options available
  • Adjustable airflow
  • 510-threaded battery required for operation (not included)

What are THC Cartridges?

THC Cartridges are the next step in cannabis evolution. Cartridges are made from a combination of plastic, metal, and ceramic pieces filled with cannabis concentrate. Instead of burning plant matter, THC Cartridges are smokeless devices that only create vapor. THC Cartridges bigger than ever thanks to their simplicity, quality, and portability. They’re perfect for road trips, camping, outdoor adventures, and more.

Straight Goods’ THC Cartridges contain a mixture of 95 percent Cannabis Distillate combined with 5 organic terpenes. THC Distillate is one of the purest forms of THC extract available today. Terpenes are the flavour- and aroma-bearing molecules in cannabis. They may also have an impact on an extract’s effects.

Straight Goods’ recipe includes only Cannabis Distillate and Organic Terpenes. They made a conscious decision to keep additives like PG or VG.

Strain Variety

Straight Goods tried to include plenty of variety in their THC Cartridges, and it shows. They offer eight different strains, each extracted from different cannabis plants. They run the gamut of flavours and genetics, including sativas, indicas, and hybrids.

Straight Goods’ stain selection includes:

  • Blueberry OG – a cross between Blueberry and OG Kush with a relaxing indica high.
  • Cantaloupe Haze – a rare, tasty-sweet sativa-dominant hybrid.
  • Gorilla Glue – also called GG4, one of the most powerful strains ever.
  • Grape Ape – an elite strain with incredible flavour and colouring.
  • Lime Sorbet – this artesian strain is an attempt to combine amazing taste with high THC content.
  • Mango Haze – a sweet citrus sativa strain that leaves smokers feeling hazy.
  • Maui Wowie – an old-school Hawaiian strain dating back to the 1970s.
  • Strawberry Cough – the classic sativa with a fruity exhale.

Additional Information

2 reviews for Straight Goods

  1. Silv

    Really like the hit on this duchtreat but having little trouble on exhale and after taste .looking for strain taste not getting it but great tips nice airflow option

  2. capt

    great flavor profiles and smooth best vape i’ve had yet!

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