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Sensi Star (QP)


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112 Grams Quarter Pound (QP) Sensi Star Bulk

Sensi Star is an appropriately named strain, as it’s somewhat of a legend on the cannabis scene, today. This strain has been winning awards since 1999 before some legal consumers were even born. It’s a popular Indica dominant strain that is notorious for being the most strong and potent in effects. Send your smoke session into space with this classic yet extraordinary gene.

Strain Highlights

  • One of the pioneering cannabis strains
  • Indica dominant
  • Moderate to high levels of THC hovering around 20%
  • Compact and crystal-coated buds
  • Refreshingly sweet citrus aromas

Appearance and Aromas

When talking about Sensi Star’s appearance, we’d be remiss not to mention its common nickname of the ‘White Strain’. That’s because its small dense buds are so coated with resinous trichomes that they’re said to actually glow. The crystals are so abundant, that Sensi Star is referred to as ‘white’ for this aesthetic.

Underneath this coating of resin, are radiant green buds with hints of purple for an impressive look that grinds up even prettier. As classic as the strain is across the industry, so are its aromas and tastes. The strain produces a satisfying combination of zesty citrus notes with natural pine-like undertones. Sensi Star’s most prominent scent notes include:

  • Citrusy lemon
  • Fresh
  • Pine
  • Natural and herbal
  • Peppery
  • Spicy

Effects and Medical Use

Sensi Star didn’t become award-winning just for its stunning looks and aromas. The strains’ effects are just as powerful and highly beneficial, too. Sensi Star is renowned for its strong body buzz that is accompanied by a cerebral rush of euphoria. Its effects are felt almost immediately with an uplifting sense of enlightenment and an instant elevated experience.

The high starts off strong in the mind as it lulls into calming sedation of the body. Its relaxing tones may not be recommended for early morning time use, but are a perfect afternoon delight to ease into your evening of rest or relaxation. Sensi Star delivers a complex high that potently promotes the calming of the body and the mind. The strain’s most notable effects include:

  • Inspiring elevation
  • Uplifting euphoria
  • Strong relaxation
  • Soothing sedation
  • Hazy and dreamlike

For medical use, Sensi Star is ideal for those who need robust effects to treat common or severe ailments. Its levels of THC and Indica dominant traits lend themselves well to soothing a number of symptoms. Sensi Star is often used to help alleviate or address the following conditions –

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Loss of appetite

Tips for Consuming this Strain

If you’re not used to powerful Indica effects…you may want to proceed with caution. Sensi Star is widely-known as one of the strongest strains for relaxing and sedating traits. This also makes Sensi Star a ‘one-hit quitter’ where a little bit will go a long way.

The fast-acting and extraordinary effects can send some beginner consumers into space. Avoid seeing stars, and start with lower doses until you can gauge how the strain affects you. Otherwise, grab your spot on the couch and prepare your munchies as Sensi Star delivers the ideal relaxation elevation.


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