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Romulan (QP)


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  • Brand: Yaletown Flower Co.

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112 Grams Quarter Pound (QP) Romulan Bulk.

Named for Star Trek, Romulan is a strain that will send you out of this world. Appropriately named, its genetics is well-known for delivering ‘head-splitting’ effects similar to the characters in the acclaimed show and series. The highly sedating strain is acclaimed for heavy Indica effects and providing a classically ‘stoned’ experience.

Strain Highlights

  • Unknown origins and lineage, emerged in 1996
  • Indica dominant hybrid (75% Indica to 25% Sativa)
  • Moderate levels of THC hovering around 20%
  • Small, dense and classic aesthetic
  • Natural, earthy and tame aromas

Appearance and Aromas

Romulan buds pack Indica focused effects in a small, dense package. The colouring is classic to cannabis, with sage green leaves and vibrant varying orange-hued hairs. A crystal coating of trichomes covers the top, adding to its frosty appeal. Scent wise, you couldn’t get more natural. When breaking up the buds, an earthy and floral aroma will stimulate your senses and provide a smooth and mellow smoke.

Romulan’s most prominent scent notes include:

  • Sweet and sour
  • Skunky
  • Earthy
  • Woody
  • Floral
  • Herbal
  • Pine

Effects and Medical Use

Some hybrid strains are just more powerful with their Indica effects than others, and that would include Romulan. The strain promotes strong relaxing vibes, that provide an all-around soothing and calm high. That’s also highly psychoactive. You’ll feel a rush of mind-numbing and euphoric cerebral effects, hence its’ ‘head-denting’ reputation.

From there, your body will buzz with Romulan’s sedating qualities. The experience is similar to floating in space, with the strain’s dreamy head and body high. Blissfully tranquil, and somewhat tranquillizing, the chances of getting couch-locked is high with Romulan.

Overall, the strain’s most notable effects include:

  • Dreamlike euphoria
  • Cerebral uplifting
  • Powerful body buzz
  • Calming sedation
  • Relaxing for the body and mind

Medically, Indica benefits can be especially helpful for many common conditions. With its ability to both uplift the mind and relax the body, many medical consumers are turning to Romulan to help ease the symptoms of the following:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Loss of Appetite

Tips for Consuming this Strain

Get comfy, and be prepared, as Romulan’s buzz will have you blanketed in relaxation. Not to mention, its stimulation of the appetite will have you grabbing as snacks with a high probability of getting the munchies. From its strong Indica effects, Romulan is highly preferred as a nighttime strain and is ideal for winding down prior to hitting the pillow. The experience will ease any stresses from the day while relaxing the body from any labour or uncomfortably.

Even though the strain is moderate in THC levels, its unique effects can be overwhelming for some beginner users. Including the dizzying of the mind, and altered perceptions. It can even cause paranoia or headaches for some.

If you’re sensitive to THC or a new user, start small and increase your amounts as you gauge its individual effects for you. Perfect for a rainy day, or relaxing evening, at the ideal dose you’ll be off to dream in space with the potent effects of Romulan and its Indica dominant benefits.


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