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Purple Punch by Gastown Collective

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  • Brand: Yaletown Flower Co.

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Purple Punch, brought to us by Gastown Collective, is an Indica-dominant strain with a potent blueberry punch. Canadian-native growers’ team Gastown Collective lies at the top of the industry when it comes to AAAA-level strains. Purple Punch is just the most recent success in a long line of elite-level strains brought by their dedication and top skills. Their team is both consistent and trustworthy, as they come up with brand-new strain ideas each and every time.

Purple Punch was their latest addition now, and we’re all thankful for it. If you want to stay tuned to their latest releases, keep watch the Greenz stocks because we’re the first to find out about it! Now, regarding this train, Purple Punch is a sweet yet citric strain with a hefty psychoactive punch. It doesn’t play around with half-measures but rather sends instant euphoria to your brain the moment you take that one smoke. Later on, the relaxation will subdue your physical pains completely!


  • High THC concentration: 18-20%
  • Uplifting and energetic high
  • 80% Indica hybrid
  • Blueberry-grape flavour
  • Great for depression and stress

Appearance and aroma

 Purple Punch is in no way purple, if that’s what you expected. Instead, its bright neon-green nugs create a long-lasting impression of pure and verdant deliciousness. With fiery-red hairs running down the buds and stalk, this strain becomes quite the good-looking one, right? Then the thick layer of crystal trichome is nothing unexpected, as it acts as the frosting on top of a slice of cake. When you break apart the nuggets, the earthy aroma of blueberries will come wafting about.

Speaking of aromas and flavours, Purple boasts an insane and delicious blueberry flavours. Sprinkled with hints of grape and vanilla sweetness, this strain is everything you could wish for. If you have a sweet tooth, that is. You’ll get an extra dose of earthiness and zesty blueberry on the exhale, which is just great!

Uses and effects

 Purple Punch leaves you blue or purple in the face when that first smoke finally hits at home. The effects take a bit longer to kick in, but they’re entirely worth it. With added potency and an increased sense of euphoria, Purple Punch from Gastown leaves you happy, blissful, and entirely relaxed. But that’s only for the recreational use of Purple Punch, which is quite limited in comparison to its therapeutic benefits. That’s when the true experience begins, and your satisfaction reaches a peak.

When the full-body experience reaches a peak, your body stays still, isolated in a soothing and sedative couch-lock state. The feeling of rejuvenation and physical release are too good to miss out on. It’s like your entire body deflates all at once and becomes mush. All your muscles and tendons become loose, as your exhaustion is thrown out the window. Nothing compares to the 18-20% THC concentration of this Indica-dominant strain. It delivers instant sedation and bodily relaxation, so much so that Purple Punch can treat:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic pains
  • Stress
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Mild cases of headaches

1 review for Purple Punch by Gastown Collective

  1. capt

    fruity nose and delicately frosted nuggets of goodness well worth it at sale price I love you gastown!

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