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Pure Hemp Rolling Papers


1 booklet – 50 Papers
69mm x 37mm

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Humans have used rolling papers to smoke for hundreds of years. Records date back to King Philip of Spain that reference rolling papers in the 1500s. While you might not think that rolling papers can change very much, the design and production of these simple papers has seen some innovation.

One of the main changes in rolling papers over the last few hundred years is the removal of bleach from its recipe. Even though plenty of hemp-based rolling papers make claims about being a cleaner way to smoke, they often still contain bleach.

It may not seem like a big deal, but bleach actually has several negative effects on rolling papers. Recognizing that problem, Pure Hemp devised a solution: these Regular Size Unbleached papers.


  • 50 unbleached papers per packet
  • 69 mm x 37 mm – useful for personal joints or sharing
  • Only two ingredients: pure unbleached hemp pulp, natural gum
  • Biodegradable

Uses and Effects

Unbleached papers have several advantages over other rolling papers. First, they burn faster than unbleached papers, meaning you can smoke a joint in record time. In addition, these bleaches usually contain toxic chemicals like chlorine. Removing them allows for a cleaner, smoother smoke with less coughing.

Often, one of the main reasons smokers avoid joints is because rolling them can be a hassle. It’s true – packing weed into a pipe or vaporizer is much easier than rolling a joint. However, joints are portable, inexpensive, and help preserve the natural taste of what you’re smoking. You also never need to clean them, unlike other smoking devices.

Rolling a joint isn’t that bad once you get the hang of it. First, grind up your weed into a fine powder. This is probably one of the most important steps: the smaller the powder, the easier your joint will be to roll. Then, add a line of weed down the middle of the paper. Close the paper into a tube and roll it a few times to ensure the weed is in the correct shape. Then, lick the gum strip and roll up the paper, applying pressure so that it closes. Then, you’re good to go!

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