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Premium BC Hash

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$18.00 / gram
$336.00 / 28 grams

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Looking for some high-grade hash from legendary British Columbia genetics? This Premium BC Hash provides the powerful effects you’d expect from BC strains concentrated into a titanic extract.

Combining the heady potency of fresh kief and the raw power of shatter, this hash is a thick consistency similar to gum hash. It’s easy to apply this Premium BC Hash into a bowl or vaporizer. Or, roll it into a joint and share it with friends. Whatever you do, be careful when smoking this robust hash – it only takes a small dose to feel its effects.


  • Unique consistency – slurry of shatter and kief
  • Premium extract made from legendary British Columbia genetics
  • Unusual and tasty flavour profile
  • Versatile extract – easy to smoke or vaporize

Uses and Effects

BC weed enjoys a reputation amongst smokers as some of the most potent pot in North America. It’s been immortalized in countless songs and movies as the measuring stick other nugs compare themselves against. This Premium BC Hash combines the sedative effects of indicas along with the stimulation of sativas to create a balanced high that smokers old and new can enjoy. This extract is perfect for those seeking:

  • Euphoria
  • Boosted mood and creativity
  • Increased sociability
  • Relaxation and tranquility
  • Improved sleep

Aroma and Appearance

This extract is a sticky goop that quickly sizzles on contact with a flame. The term “hash” is a bit of a loosely-defined term. Essentially, it includes any extract made without a solvent like butane or CO2.

This Premium BC Hash features a unique flavour profile and composition. It combines kief – the powdery resinous trichomes that coat cannabis flowers – with shatter, a hard, brittle extract. The end result is a thick and viscous goo that’s ready to smoke whenever you are.

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2 reviews for Premium BC Hash

  1. SabS

    I got this a month ago and it was really good, smelled classic with a fruity twist, very soft and pliable doesn’t require to be worked much

  2. Kev

    packs an old school punch great taste would have been 5 star if it was soft and gummy but with work it come back nicely

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