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Pink Kush HIGH MELT Bubble Hash (Solventless)

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  • Supplier: Yaletown Flower Co.

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      • Experience:   

        The High Melt Pink Kush Bubble Hash, like its relatives from the OG Kush family, is a hybrid with a Indica focused high. This means you will get mainly a body buzz more than a mind one. It brings you pure relaxation without the complete sedation, best of both worlds! 



        Bubble hash is a term given to water extracted hash made from pure trichomes. When you fire up traditional hashish, impurities in the resin will burn. Pure, unadulterated cannabis-trichome resin will bubble and melt like butter when flame is applied. Get your High Melt Pink Kush Bubble Hash today with Greenz.



        Since you remove the trichome heads intact, oils containing the essences that carry the sweet taste of vanilla and candy to your palate are also captured.



        The High Melt Pink Kush Bubble Hash will give you a mainly body high that will start from your head and creep its way toward your feet. You will feel a warmth in your body, without sedation which will allow you to not feel completely couch locked, even if the couch will seem like a inviting option.   



        The health benefits are tremendous — your lungs will thank you. Take away all that vegetable matter, and all you inhale is THC and the pure essence of the plant. The High Melt Pink Kush Bubble Hash is also known to be a good treatment for pain, insomnia, appetite loss and stress. 

      • Structure:

        Pink Kush HIGH MELT bubble hash, This one is real close to full melt nice and bubbly with just the touch of a lighter, with a earthy / hashy with hints of gas terp profile a earthy brown color and a crumbly consistency, this product dabable with a bit of dark residue but performs better if you press it in to a small ball first.


        Important Information :

        The High Melt Pink Kush Bubble Hash is a very potent strain that might surprise even the veteran smokers. Pace yourself with this amazing product and don’t hesitate to come back if you ever need to buy weed online in Canada again. 


        Melt video:

3 reviews for Pink Kush HIGH MELT Bubble Hash (Solventless)

  1. Remp

    Tastes really good with a decent buzz. Great for relaxing in the couch

  2. Race

    Nice taste and burn..good buzz as well

  3. SabS

    Really nice hash, has a delicious flavour and for the price it’s a must, and it has some decent melt to it.

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