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Orange Gelato

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  • Brand: Friendly Flower Co.

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Another offshoot of the infamous Girl Scout Cookie family of strains, Orange Gelato’s even-handed cannabinoid and terpene profile and sweet taste help make it the perfect dessert strain. Known simply as “Gelato” in some circles, Orange Gelato was one of the first Gelato strains. It’s lent its genetics to a new generation of strains, including Yolo Berry and VVS Chem.

A true hybrid, Orange Gelato manages to blend the uplifting and relaxing traits of weed into a nice, cohesive whole. If you haven’t experienced Orange Gelato yet, you’re missing out!


  • Member of the famous Girl Scout Cookie strain family
  • Balanced hybrid
  • Respectable THC concentration: 14 – 19 percent

Appearance and Aroma

Orange Gelato’s terpene profile leans heavily on caryophyllene and limonene, two fairly common cannabis terpenes. It gets most of its citrus aroma and taste from limonene, while caryophyllene gives it a slightly zesty flavour. However, it also boasts a rare terpene – humulene, a bitter-tasting flavonoid that infuses a hoppy taste into the strain. These molecules combine to create a fresh, sweet, creamy flavour and texture that make Orange Gelato a dream to smoke.

Uses and Effects

Orange Gelato has a high that prominently features traits of both indica and sativa plants. As a descendant of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, it boasts all of the relaxing, chilled-out vibes of its famous parent. However, it can also infuse smokers with euphoria, uplifting them and inspiring them with creativity, according to anecdotal evidence.

This strain also boasts possible medical benefits. Medical patients may be able to utilize these benefits to help them manage their own conditions. For example, cannabis may have anti-inflammatory, pain-fighting, and sleep-promoting qualities as a result, it may be able to alleviate symptoms of issues like:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Neuropathic and joint pain

2 reviews for Orange Gelato

  1. Anto

    Really nice! Strong smelling!

  2. JayS

    Got this as a sample, it was squished under my oz lol but all in all it was decent 👌 smoked a mix with tuna k and this OG

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