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OG Tips Rice Rolling Papers


50 sheets per booklet

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Sometimes no matter how much innovation happens, it’s impossible to top the original. These 1 ¼” Rolling Papers by OG Tips exemplify this trait perfectly. With a classic size and natural composition, these papers make the perfect joint.

Made from 100 percent organic rice paper, these joints are essentially tasteless. That’s good, because when you smoke a joint you want to taste your cannabis – not your papers. With 50 papers per book, a single pack of OG Tips can last for weeks. Their size also makes them ideal for personal joints, or stuffing fat with flower to share with friends.


  • Organic rice-based rolling papers
  • 50 papers per book
  • Ubiquitous 1 ¼” size – similar to standard Zig Zags

Uses and Effects

Too often, smokers shy away from joints. They’re usually intimidated by the rolling process, which can come across as long and arduous. However, with a little practice, rolling a joint can take less than a minute. Master it, and you can soon become the designated joint roller among your friend group.

Rolling a joint is a multi-step process. First, grind your weed up into a fine dust or powder – you may want to use a grinder for this. Then, add a line of weed into the middle of a paper. Next, roll the paper without sealing it. This will help gather the weed into a cylinder shape. Finally, lick the gum and roll the paper up. Apply pressure, and your joint will be ready to smoke immediately.

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