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Northern Lights Smalls

(6 customer reviews)

$8.00 / gram
$160.00 / 28 grams

  • Brand: Friendly Flower Co.

Out of stock


    LIMITED BATCH only 1 pound!!!

    • Strain Highlights
        Friendly flower Co. bring you Northern Lights Smalls, small light green frosty nugs with a pungent sweet and spicy nose and a good burn.

          Northern lights is an indica dominant hybrid, its relaxed effects are best suited for treating stress, pain, insomnia, depression and headache

6 reviews for Northern Lights Smalls

  1. Moos

    First time smoking northern lights and wow it earned its reputation. Very familiar taste and smell probably due to it being a common backbone strain. Awesome bud!

  2. Mj82

    Love this. Loaded with crystal and smells like heaven. I really enjoy this strain. The colour is great. High was a couch lock fo me:)

  3. josh

    i really enjoyed this! first time having the northern lights strain. Great smell and taste! Great price.

  4. Yesa

    This was a great buy and for only 5 bucks/g ! Nugs are small and light; might be a down side for some. I like them as they fit perfectly into a dynavape whole. Would rename this strain as “lights out” as it has reliably put me to sleep.

  5. Spor

    Well very nice. I did not see any Northern Lights. lol. But was lost in space if that counts.

    Terrific and $5 bucks per gram.

  6. Sara

    Just received my order, I took advantage of the black Friday sale and northern lights has not disappointed! I cant believe u guys sold this for 5 bucks a gram, I think I should’ve bought an ounce now, smooth smoke, great taste and smell. I found I smoked this, gave me the ambition to go finish up a project and it’s great cuz the more i worked the higher i seemed to get, creeps right up on ya, u will not be disappointed with this strand!

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