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Nirvana (green house)

(155 customer reviews)

$6.00 / gram

  • Brand: Friendly Flower Co.

Out of stock


Nirvana strain, brought to you by Friendly Flower Co.

Nirvana is medium-sized, outdoor-green-house-grown buds with a good amount of crystal and earthy/lemon citrus nose. This Leaning hybrid Sativa has uplifting effects best suited for treating stress, fatigue, lack of appetite, headache and pain.


Range (gram)Price ($/gram)
0+ gram$6.00 / gram

155 reviews for Nirvana (green house)

  1. Tess

    It’s good for me

  2. dies

    Surprisingly good high for the price. Not the best strain but good if you don’t want to be super high but touched

  3. TSTS

    Great for daytime and outdoor amenities

  4. oldm

    I’m not a sativa fan I got this for my gf and she likes it.

  5. Chri

    good bud if you can catch it on sale

  6. Chri

    I ordered this to smoke with the scrubs, but I was pleasantly surprised. Nice buzz, day or night. A bit harsh

  7. Stuc

    This stuff is good! Recommend it for a good buzz!

  8. dies

    Good high at a great price

  9. Lolu

    Nice strain for relaxing

  10. Gree

    lots of stem this time, but the buds were big and beautiful! And sticky!

  11. oldm

    buzz is ok but taste not so great

  12. Vend

    Good flower. Nice trichomes. Smooth flavor. But as pjb said in his review, I to had a hard time keeping the flower lit. I also had an issue where the ash was jet black. Not dry enough or impurities (black ash production)? Otherwise, this strain has a really good pain reduction effect to it. It is great for a daytime strain, but it will make you a bit dizzy if your new to the game.


  13. Pjb

    had a hard time keeping it burning, effects where as advertised if you could keep it lit

  14. Loaf

    One of my favourite strains and am reordering right now! light buzz, not overpowering, still function normally in social situations.

  15. Jiro

    Definitely not bad, a great chill bud.

  16. Gree

    Straight burn, fluffy buds.

  17. dies

    Nice bud. Taste good. Great burn

  18. Stuc

    Nice burning

  19. Gree

    even burn, light body feel, heavy head buzz.

  20. dies

    Good bud. Burns great

  21. dies

    Would buy again. Great high. Good quality

  22. mtof

    Nice strain good for relaxing and chatting or just watching your favorite movie. Takes the edge off without feeling too locked

  23. what

    This is a lovely strain for a relaxing evening. Initially, it is uplifting and soothing but eventually makes you sleepy and ready for bed.

  24. Boba

    Good product for the price. Thanks! Repeat customer

  25. dies

    Great price. Good quality erb

  26. kyle

    Best price on the go. Good enough product, good taste and good burn

  27. LD

    Awesome Value. I like this stuff a lot! Really helps me focus and doesn’t lock you to the couch. Would recommend for sure!!

  28. dies

    Okay bud. Does the trick but not so strong. Good price point

  29. Sams

    Your review *excellent qualite prix. Je le recommande.

  30. Apri

    A great high for the price! Just purchase more for that price you should stock

  31. Tess

    Good stuff for the price

  32. Dawg

    Good buy for the price!
    I had to research the strain a bit and noticed it’s around 75% Sativa… It helps me be more productive during the day, keeps me alert, and I can also fall asleep at night after smoking it and not wake up til the alarm goes off! I like this one a lot 🙂

  33. dave

    Good value. Small nugs. TAsty.

  34. broo

    Won’t burn absolutely dried out. The whole bag is a waste.

  35. mtof

    Don’t let the price fool you. Its nice and strong! Great in the vape or in joints! Combine with their solvent less morccan hash for extra couch lock!

  36. Grym

    Great bang for your buck! Nice buzz, my batch was a little dry, but for the price who cares!

  37. Sams

    Your review *Excellent !! Bon pour le jour. Yup!!

  38. wasa

    The high was nice and the pricing is great

  39. Bouw

    Great daytime for the everyday smoker

  40. Marm

    Lots of stalk. Ok for the price.

  41. ssno

    The buzz was okay, for the price, though I found it a bit stalky.

  42. Aida

    Way better than expected

  43. GHGr

    Darn good! Nothing fancy, but has solid effects. Great price….Thanks Greenz 🙂

  44. Perc

    Great bud for the price

  45. bal0

    Ordered before great stuff for the price.

  46. nati

    Decent. But the high was really nice 🙂

  47. Mike

    Not bad bud quality matches the price

  48. oldm

    its good but not my type off smoke. this is more day time.

  49. Bouw

    Great daytime smoke f9r the price

  50. Cyre

    Great quality for the price!

  51. ye

    This strain is good if you’re truly looking to save some money. The high doesn’t last long and it’s not too strong but it gets me to where I need to be. The taste was definitely like dirt. I’d buy this again if I wanted to save some money.

  52. Drag

    Really nice large buds, sticky and great burn nice white ash I would not complain for the price! I blend it with higher grade stuff for the perfect high. My last combo was one part blue dream to one part Nirvana.

  53. Boba

    Good product for the price. I love Greenz! Thank you.

  54. Cyre

    Great value! First time trying an outdoor strain and I was pleasantly surprised!

  55. baco

    I mean it was $4 a gram. That makes it a two starer. If you’re on a budget and need to get stoned this will do it for you but it’s really not a great product. I really recommend getting something else. You’ll end up smoking less of a more expensive strain.

  56. Carr

    Not a fan, won’t be buying again.

  57. Jame

    Not bad. Liked it much more first time i bought it .rather than second time .
    But all and all .not bad at all

  58. Mike

    For being outdoor its really nice bud dencity is tight a good feeling and burns great!
    Will order agin once restocked!

  59. Wood

    Nice smoke for an outdoor. A bit stemy within the buds.

  60. Anto

    It’s ok at this low price…

  61. jsin

    I’m glad I only ordered a gram, wouldn’t bother with this again.

  62. BigJ

    Nice mild buzz. Not as smooth as the premium green. But worth the price

  63. Kev

    it is what it is for the price but it does not burn.

  64. bree

    It’s outdoor stuff, very thick stems inside, leafy, not a great smell, not a dense bud. Overall i’m very unsatisfied. I don’t understand the positive reviews. Doesn’t burn well, not a great taste, low effect. I admit I have a high tolerance but this strain takes me 3-4 good sized pipe bowls back to back to back to produce any sort of buzz which lasted less than 5 mins. Like seaweed, this may be best to add to your joints so your quality bud lasts longer. I actually regret ordering 1oz of this. Actually, my biggest regret and disappointment from greenz. Maybe it is just this specific grow that disappointed me so much, not the strain itself that’s why it got 2/5, not 1/5.. but I won ‘t be trying again to see if that theory is correct.

  65. Tige

    Wonderful smell, look, taste. Great value. Highly recommend.

  66. Grym

    Great smoke for an outdoor. Great buzz, not much in the way of burnout. Nice burn. Great bang for your buck. Recommended

  67. Sean

    Nice size buds, good for the price.

  68. perr

    Great price

  69. trim

    Hate to be the stick in the mud of the review section, but this stuff isn’t half as good as a lot of the other buds on this site. Highly recommend something else, as this stuff 1) doesn’t taste good, and 2) doesn’t produce a very satisfying effect at all. Definitely the worst I’ve had from Greenz, but it still isn’t a 1-star…

    If it’s on sale (like it very regularly is), then I’d say go for it, as it really is a fair price. Otherwise, steer clear of this mediocre stuff.

    P.S. Thought about making edibles out of it instead, but then I remembered it doesn’t taste good! Back to the drawing board.

  70. Jame

    For outdoor it’s amazing, and the price is right. Huge buds. High is decent.

  71. benn

    Good shit for the price. Doesnt taste great, doesn’t taste bad.

    Just smoking it now and I got a decent buzz already. Would probably buy again if it came back in stock.

  72. Herb

    Great price, nice taste, great buzz…what else can I say!

  73. Alic

    Not too bad, okay buzz and great price!

  74. Robe

    ok for the price

  75. Gthe

    Really nice fragrance and surprisingly good considering the price point. Only draw back was that it had a bit more sticks and stems compared to some other strains

  76. kari

    Nirvana is a nice outdoor strain, good for every day. Don’t expect to get wildly high on this one but it’s great quality for the price

  77. Chan

    I LOVED this ! I seriously hope it comes back because it’s one of my top favs for budget buds !

  78. Gros

    Excellent rapport qualité/prix, une de mes préférés.
    Et toujours une livraison en 2 jours, merci Greenz

  79. Purp

    Burnt to a dark grey ash, kept going out and had a strong taste of what I assume to be neem oil. Decent high but I’m gonna have to make edibles out of it if I want to enjoy it again.

  80. Sean

    Very good smoke for the price. Highly recommended!!!

  81. Cait

    Great value of bud for the price! Unreal to think these are an outdoor bud! Thick and dense, will make any cannabis lover foam at the mouth!

  82. bal0

    great bud for a good price 5/5

  83. Lude

    Not bad for outdoor, not muck taste

  84. Cann

    Wow for outdoor! Great price,nice nugs and a great buzz .

  85. Bill

    Nice nugs, decent potency for the price, love the smell and the taste of the smoke. Long lasting high. Will buy again.

  86. Sean

    Smells really damb good, well worth buying. Love it!

  87. Sanj

    Buds were nice size but a little on the dry side, price is amazing and a good daytime buzz! Would recommend

  88. ccgo

    ok outdoor, but the sweet price kicks it up a notch, good stone

  89. Evan


  90. latr

    Really good quality for an outdoor product, buds are really large and sticky. Would recommend to anyone on a budget or not.

  91. BenB

    Very good outdoor nice big nugs 😁

  92. Gros

    very great for the price.. use daily! 🙂
    very fast delivery

  93. Dagg

    Perfect for everyday. Nice tight nugs. Citrus tastes with lots of fresh tones. Awesome outdoor!

  94. Jenn

    Amazing outdoor bud. Great price! Great way to relax at the end of the day!

  95. Mell

    Another good type of bud, even if it is outdoor it was worth it.

  96. Bill

    Love this stuff! Great, long-lasting, mellow high – great for daytime use.

  97. russ

    for this price, you can’t go wrong! definetly try it out

  98. Dext

    New stuff is great especially for the price

  99. Nail

    Great value. Good afternoon buzzz

  100. hapi

    5 star easy, for the money, 3.5 compared to 250 /O primo….smooth, clean burn, superbly manicured, good bzzz (sativa)

  101. Mela

    Great high, big buds, and amazing price!!

  102. latr

    Awesome product. Perfect for mid-day use. The price is absolutely amazing. Looks great, smells perfect.

  103. gold

    Worst outdoor i had in my life, smelled like plastic bubblegum ( no outdoor smell or natural smell ) no taste at all, does not burn well and produce DARK hash when burned can’t even see White hash after taking a bowl ( clearly not a good sign ) will not order again….i dont know why everyone seems to like it …amateur lol

  104. Geso

    Back for more of this high value, moderately potent strain. This batch had massive gorgeous buds like something you dreamed about when you were in high school, but never happened LOL. This baby will be a “go-to” for me. Nice taste too.

  105. mora

    Love it for the price

  106. niag

    Great value, great smell, smokes smooth

  107. Aave

    Price point amazing … tastes great super buzz
    Buy it!

  108. sasq

    Easily the best outdoor I’ve ever seen. Even the tell tale grassy smell and taste of outdoor buds is barely noticable. At $60 for a half ounce this stuff is a steal.

  109. luc7

    Did not know what to expect but was very suprised and happy to have bought this strain; just wish I got some more for this price.

  110. colb

    No complaints from me and you cant beat the price!

  111. Geso

    Moderately sweet, dense nice sized buds – A little sharper flavour than the Sea Warp. Greaaaaat deal.

  112. Jo

    Huge nugs with a great smell! Vapes and smokes well. Good for the price.

  113. sgt

    great price, strong smell, take a proper hit can’t be beat

  114. CBHe

    This smoke was very smooth.
    The price is amazing, I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a decent head buzz for a super low price.
    Will definitely order again!

  115. Burn

    its def $6 quality so not complaints

  116. BibB

    Great product, great high. At this price, it’s almost a steal!

  117. mora

    love this stuff

  118. Donn

    Fruity taste and a fair price would recommend!

  119. Kris

    Big dense nugs and a great high. If you’re worried about outdoor vs. indoor let me tell you, this will NOT disappoint. Best bud for your buck

  120. Seth

    Picture does the bud justice, ordered an oz of this as my everyday weed and I was not disappointed. You feel just as high after a joint of this as you do with most samples of good bud or some of the expensive sativas. Main problem with the bud is it can be harsh when on the ass end of the J. Can smoke this all day and not feel too drained which is a bonus. Worth a buy, for how cheap it is. Smells slighty fruity or citrusy, which makes the outdoor that much easier to enjoy.

  121. bt06

    I was hesitant to purchase this at first as typically I am not a fan of outdoor bud; the bud its self has a nice light aroma (atypical in my experience with outdoor bud) as well it has a very smooth taste. Generally I try to stick to using my volcano but this bud had me curious whether it would be nice to smoke when actually burnt ; taste held whether it was rolled, vaped or smoked through a bong. Very impressed with this strain especially considering the price; would definitely recommend! On a side note, they threw in an extra G of bud for me as they only had “small” nugs left.

  122. Reni

    This is the second best outdoor strain available from Greenz, IMO.

    The longer she sits in the jar, the more fruity this stuff begins to smell.

    Smokes good in a joint and has a nice taste in the vape.

  123. Crac

    35$ for 7 grams lmao, probably the best outdoor ive seen in the last year or two.

  124. Leaf

    Great product. Amazon quality for the price also for outdoor grown it doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth at all very impressed

  125. nich

    Great product! Very satisfied 🙂

  126. Pat

    Great quality for the price. I enjoy this strain for daytime

  127. Chea

    not bad for price

  128. Matt

    For the price amazing flowers, you can’t go wrong with this purchase. Great smoke for 110 a zip.

  129. mora

    what a great outdoor grow…very impressed for the price!

  130. FBIB

    5 star due to the price to quality ratio. Smells better than any outdoor I’ve seen, looks decent. Nice medium sized buds.

  131. sgt

    Another good deal, good smoke great price.

  132. Krae

    Not bad for the price, not my go to smike, but nice as a back up or emergency smoke. Putting it with some hash helped the flavor, mostly piney with a small hint of citrus. Really really nice looking buds though

  133. thom

    Big hard sticky buds. Love it.

  134. terr

    Very good for the price. Nice high lots of resin. I recommend 🙂

  135. Leaf

    Very good needed to buy more

  136. Liam

    Favorite budget strain so far. Has a great uplifting and potent high. Great strain that I would recommend to anyone. A must buy at the price.

  137. Mitr

    I enjoyed this as much as the Purple Papaya. Great smell and taste. It didn’t hit me like a brick like the higher end stuff but for the price I’m a happy camper :). Thanks and cheers from Jasper!

  138. pink

    This thing right here is a good price, smells good, good starter for the day. The nugs I’ve gotten were large. You will be feeling nice after smoking this.

  139. morg

    I didn’t think this strain was as nice as some of the other outdoor ones like seaweed or grape crush. It is still a great deal though and I happily smoked it!

  140. Whis

    I found this strain to be great value…the only negative was that you have to keep relighting your joint as it tends to go out quickly!

  141. Ares

    Amazing Bud for the price you’re paying. Definitely a reorder

  142. Swif

    I have smoked a lot of outdoor in my time. This is hands down the best I’v ever smoked! Totally blown away on this one. Just as another reviewer stated, the smell and bud structure is akin to some quads. I hope the next batch is as good, I will be stocking up for sure!

  143. Mssh

    Creeps up on you & very potent for an outdoor strain. Felt it was more for night time..would recommend

  144. Alex

    Perfect smell taste look for 110$/28g 5/5

  145. sumg1

    Very nice product, well trimmed, well cured, nice taste in the vape. Not so much on the pain relief front, but one bagful of this stuff and I was more productive in 2 hours than most days with chores around the house, no foggy headed feeling.

  146. Corey

    Nice outdoor with a balanced buzz. This bud is well worth trying out.

  147. Dext

    great for the price

  148. James

    Great outdoor grow. Well worth the price.

  149. kkinz94

    This stuff impressed me for the price! Was planning on ordering more and was disappointed to see it sold out! I didn’t find it too harsh and it was pretty strong.

  150. Nutz

    Well best outdoor I’ve ever had. Awesome for the price.

  151. ameer73

    Agree with what everyone says above, this stuff is hands down the best looking/smelling outdoor stuff I have ever had. I got it from the new batch which I did not find had too much stems (considering it was outdoor) so maybe the earlier batch was more stemmy. I was very impressed though considering the price! Smells fruity and looks pretty nice, very little crystals though as expected.

  152. MrKarlPink

    If you’re looking for good quality outdoor, Nirvana will hit the spot. The strain looks kinda indoor-like, but the smell and stems are a dead giveaway. I use it for blend. If you do as well, don’t use too much or it will drown out the taste of what you really got going on.

  153. James

    Best outdoor smoke I’ve had. It’s 5 star for an outdoor and is better than a lot of higher priced stuff I’ve smoked.

  154. Ajat

    Amazing quality for this price, nice large buds and great aroma. Smoke was very smooth as well. Only downside was all the stems but for this price I can’t even think about complaining!!

    I’d recommend this to anyone looking for decent quality cannabis at an amazingly low price.

  155. azazel1189

    the only reason this stuff isnt above some quads ive paid more than double for is that it has a bit too much stem on the inside. buds looks just like the picture, smell is killer and the high felt like it slowed time. wishing i had ordered wayyy more.

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