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Moroccan Hash (Solventless)

(236 customer reviews)

$20.00 / gram
$400.00 / 28 grams

  • Brand: Yaletown Flower Co.

437.332 g in stock

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During the Middle Ages, travellers told tales of a country in North Africa where the people used a strange plant make hard slabs of intoxicating substances. That substance was Pressed Hash, which Moroccans are still known for today.

The country has a proud tradition of hash production dating back to the 15th century. While this hash doesn’t come directly from Morocco itself, it’s still produced using the same techniques hashmakers have utilized since the Middle Ages. This powerful extract is a blast from the past with its indica-leaning high, imbuing relaxed, calming feelings of tranquility.


  • Potent weed extract
  • Cannabinoid content surpasses flower
  • Production technique passed down through generations
  • Solventless extract – nothing but trichomes and plant matter
  • Indica-like high

Uses and Effects

Much like we do today, medieval Moroccans used Pressed Hash to relax and unwind at the end of the day. At first, they traded with the people of central Asia to acquire cannabis before growing it themselves in large orchards. As a result, Moroccan Pressed Hash has a notably indica tone, imbuing smokers with a tranquil, chilled-out high.

Moroccan Pressed Hash began to proliferate into the western world during the 1960s and 1970s along with an influx in tourism. Proponents of Moroccan Pressed Hash say that it may offer several benefits like:

  • Improved sleep
  • Relaxed, chilled-out vibes
  • Feelings of tranquility
  • Boosted mood
  • Reduced stress and anxiety

Aroma and Appearance

Moroccan Pressed Hash is the result of multiple layers of kief pressed into a hard, brittle brick. It’s easy to carve pieces from a chunk of hash and add it to a bowl or vaporizer. Feeling daring, or want to share? Roll up an entire joint with a mix of flower and Moroccan Pressed hash for a powerful indica experience.

While there are many stories of ancient mystics eating balls of hash to trigger psychoactive experiences, don’t eat this Moroccan Pressed Hash. It hasn’t been heat-activated, meaning that it’s only effective for smoking or vaping.

Want to try a taste of this ancient delicacy for yourself? At Greenz, our simple web store makes it easy to buy hash online. Just select your favourite product, complete your purchase, and check out.

We’ll take care of the rest, and ship your order to your address in a few business days. We’ll even cover shipping on orders of $150 or more. Skip the storefront and shop with Greenz, one of the best online dispensaries in Canada.


Range (gram)Price ($/gram)
1 gram$20.00 / gram
28 gram$14.29 / gram
7 gram$18.99 / gram
14 gram$18.00 / gram
3.5 gram$18.33 / gram

236 reviews for Moroccan Hash (Solventless)

  1. duck


  2. TNoa

    Great taste, very relaxing product. Will buy again!

  3. TNoa

    Sweet product, very relaxing result. Will buy again!

  4. duck

    Great taste. Will get again

  5. fast

    It is a nice hash with a good flavour similar to the imported hash of the 1970’s.

  6. SabS

    great hash, after plying it in my hands for a bit it has a nice doughy consistency and has a nice floral taste and aroma

  7. duck

    Very good stuff,as always

  8. duck

    This is by far my fav hash

  9. duck

    Very nice taste. Gets ya high

  10. Stuc

    Good buzz! Will buy again

  11. ches

    great taste and texture. not as strong as the medi but really nice.

  12. Bund

    Very nice!

  13. Bund


  14. duck


  15. mike

    very average but clean nice high

  16. duck

    Yum yum its great hash!!

  17. duck

    Very good. Man I love this hash!!

  18. duck

    Best hash that I have smoked in a long time. Will buy again

  19. ssno

    I really like the taste, and buy it mainly due to that. It doesn’t hit me like I remember Moroccan hash did, but it is also softer than/not as dense as I would have expected. Price is a bit of a stretch for a gram of hash, no matter the quality.

  20. King

    The Moroccan is alright, I’ve had better Moroccan from greenz before. But I’m yet to find the real deal. Other than that it got you where you needed to be and the terpenes was somewhere around lower than you’d expect it to be. Good hash! Worth the try for sure

  21. Bouw

    Great burn
    ..great high

  22. Lolu

    Love the burn

  23. Chri

    Nice and fresh. Yummy and easy to smoke or put in a J

  24. Ciga

    This is the Old School hash you got back in the day.
    Flavour really takes you back.

  25. Luc

    This stuff was good.

  26. Spec

    Très bon goût le vrai ..!

  27. snak

    Good burn and easy to break into bits. Perfect to smoke indoor during winter.

  28. Cabi

    The buzz I had been looking for. It’s really worth the price.

  29. Serg

    Real stuff.. Reminds me of my first trip to Amsterdam.

  30. EBBY


  31. too4

    I love adding this with my weed. Gives it that extra push. Also worked well for my hangover flu like symtems.

  32. EBBY


  33. Alex

    Great taste, great high, great hash

  34. Lord

    Bough some more. This is such a great hash, don’t hesitate to stock on it!

  35. Lord

    I like to try and add an eight of this every time i order here.
    Fire stuff.

  36. Alex

    Firt time i try and really enjoy this one

  37. Chro

    Second time ordering it, love how easy it is to break apart and spread on bowls or in joints! great taste and high that can still be productive! Will order again!

  38. MizS

    Love this hash. Like we used to get back in the 70’s. Very nice high.

  39. Tony

    Awesome taste .. reminds me of my childhood days

  40. Munc

    first time in years ive smoked hash and really enjoyed my experience. smooth good relaxing high

  41. Carl

    The morrocans is really serious when it comes to hash,they never dissapoint top notch!

  42. Ramm

    Great hash just like we know it !

  43. Jere

    Great smoke wicked taste you gotta try the honey oil they have too mix a lil bit of this an that with your weed and ur all set

  44. Aunt

    I really enjoyed this, I’ve only had better in Egypt many years ago

  45. Patr

    For those of you who may be wondering…..yes this is the hard hash that once heated will fluff up nicely for you. I remember hash like this in the ole days. Great uplifting hash! Thanks Greenz!

  46. Leon

    Awesome buzz with great taste, first time user but definitely going to get more

  47. Hook

    This “Moroccan Hash” is a little stale maybe. Nice taste, over hard, but smokes complete.

  48. Chro

    Bought 1 gram for the first time, really love the burn and effect, so long since i have had hash but this takes me right back!

  49. BigG

    I bought a gram of this recently, it was exceptionally smooth to smoke and provided a nice hash body buzz but was a little “heady” as well. The only down side was, it was really hard but it crumbled well when heated. I would recommend it.

  50. robe

    Good hash that is a great additive to a joint or bowl. Adds a richness as well as being quite potent. Would definitely recommend.

  51. Ketc

    Not bad got the job done though mixed with the bubble gum was alright on the hotknives killed the physical pains got me energetic was nice

  52. Lion

    smooth smoking

  53. vinc

    Nice old school hash .. just love it

  54. Lion

    Very smooth smoking. smoked nice with Jack herer

  55. Moos

    Spicy and delicious, best hash I’ve had in a long time

  56. terr

    Satisfied 100% strong stuff.

  57. vinc

    The best hash i had in a long time….i just keep ordering it

  58. mich

    This is an awesome product mild to smoke very relaxing.

  59. Henr

    They upped the raw materials they use

  60. paj9

    I made an impulse purchase and bought this. I’m not a huge hash fan, but my buds loved it!

  61. FaHr

    enjoyed this product. usually pick it up ever other order. nice clean smoke (great in the pipe) or sprinkle into a doob for a little extra . crumbles well when heated.

  62. TyTy

    Love this classic hash very mellow high great for the evening

  63. Ciga

    Nice taste and smell, thanks for the memories Greenz.

  64. Cana

    Classic Hash, great taste and even greater smooth buzz

  65. Henr

    Smooth hash, came clean and well packaged.

  66. QPQP

    Great high with a slow burn . Its effects are great for a work pick me up as well as a lounging body buzz !!

  67. stee

    smooooth, hard and crumbly. not too strong, pleasant smoke.

  68. Henr

    Definitely smoother taste than rolex but im not sure it can make up for the price difference. My 2¢

  69. Taco

    Very good hash! Will order on the regular!

  70. Nil

    Slow cooked this in butter for 2 hours with a pinch of cinnamon to play on the wonderful taste of this hash and made some wonderful brownies. Word got out I had a batch and people flocked to the smell. I have been asked to make them again for the next party and oh boy I look forward to getting more. Great product, and with a sale price… why not try it yourself?

  71. Race

    not as good as back in the 80’s but nice to smoke anyway

  72. henr

    Tastes amazing. Old school flavour. Great buzz. 5/5

  73. Alic

    I always love some hash from time to time, this stuff was good.

  74. MzBl

    Really really Nice Sativa hash. Pressed rock hard it softens great with heat and it’s a really nice buzz and very tasty without the harshness a lot of hash has.

  75. Adam

    Hash is hard but makes joints go super saiyan…adds that nice head high touch…i find breaking little pieces by shaving it or using your nail the best…nice aroma though

  76. Henr

    The habibi is definitely more refined taste wise than the Rolex. I like it!

  77. Bril

    Tastes like crap, and didn’t hit me. Not sure if I got the really old hardened batch or what?

  78. Wmok

    Enjoyed this alot. great for once and a while.

  79. mitc

    Bought it as a gift. Smoked it with the recipient, was quite pleased. Been a few years since I’ve had any decent hash. Great bang for your buck.

  80. jame

    Great high, pretty harsh roach but still a classic.

  81. AFBa

    I grinded one gram of it in a coffee grinder, then I mixed it with one gram of Rockstar Shatter and it was…
    Alone or mixed, this hash is just superb.

  82. Patm

    Though most weeds are more potent, I still love the taste of good ol fashioned hash

  83. JFMJ

    Un Classic ! Comme tout le monde dit ; comme dans le bon vieux temps , pareil ! Bon goût et buzz léger

  84. Henr

    Great as per usual. I did find this batch to be a little less potent than the previous one although one could argue that my tolerance did increase considerably given how often i smoke.

  85. MmaF

    Pretty decent rolex hash, hard and dry, got the typical morrocan spicy taste and not super potent so its great in the morning/day.
    Great price , previouslyordered 28g a couple months ago and look like its the same bach/supplier.

  86. shaw

    Very smooth and great buzz

  87. Bobb

    Very good

    Taste awesome, feels amazing

  88. Budz

    Great taste smooth good price to lol.

  89. Edpo

    I absolutely love the smell and taste of this hash, very nostalgic.

  90. Thek

    This product is great and amazing I like the high it produced nice sativa high

  91. rz51

    “canadian morrocan hash”.. won’t find this quality in morroco

  92. Age1

    Can’t get enough of this product
    It’s smooth and has a great aftertaste
    I honestly will have to say one of the best hash’s I have ever smoked !
    Thanks greenz

  93. Drag

    I haven’t been able to get hash locally for years. This reminds me a bit like blonde hash and black hash f**ked and had a baby. The black hash of yesteryear was more pliable, this Moroccan hash is hard so I find I have to shave it off to smoke it. It is nice stuff though.

  94. puck

    Reminds me of the 80s
    Nice hash

  95. Henr

    Some quality stuff. Nuff said…

  96. Robe

    Good for the price, basic but def smells and tastes ok

  97. doru

    Did not like the taste nor the high.
    Taste is dry and not fun. Not the best quality.
    the price is good.

  98. Deni

    vraiment très bon en fin de journée avec une petite bière et de la bonne musique
    Denis D

  99. kyle

    Tastes great. Burns good. Nice mellow high. Recommended for the price!

  100. Mike

    Love the smell burns rather nice and has a good buzz

  101. Jeff

    This is the good stuff!
    Highly recommended.

  102. dies

    Picked up a gram of this since it had good reviews tasted good was kinda too harsh for me

  103. jsin

    smooth and tasty

  104. SkyV

    Great hash for great price, much more daytime use

  105. Nizz

    Very good product really worth the cost

    Excellent for relaxing and taking away pain

  106. tige

    Great creamy smooth taste

  107. Mike

    Best hash I’ve had in a while very smooth great taste and helps relax you

  108. Wood

    Burns nice and slow. Great hash for the price!

  109. Patm

    Nice to see so many good hash lovers out there so please please GREENZ…bring on some new varieties if possible. If cashmere still exists or Nepalese…it’s fun to change it up. Thanks

  110. kcur

    Good product, I have recommended it to others. Good price.

  111. Pat

    Not bad. Oldschool hard hash.

  112. Dany

    Très bon goût, bon buzz 5/5 *****

  113. gree

    Hasharoni is here; oh Morocco, I will smoke all of your hash one day- till then this Habib hash is A1 QUALITY

  114. Yan8

    Good quality product!

  115. cath

    cliente satisfaite aucun regret

  116. too4

    I found this hash to be very relaxing and calm without the sleepiness. Great taste. Perfect for a hangover. Great on its own or for and extra kick to your doobies its a great add on. I definitely will buy this again and recommend to others.

  117. katr

    Great price and taste, you can tell it’s been sitting there for awhile but that’s fine you can heat it up easily

  118. Ald


  119. Jule

    Really smooth nice taste a nice little treat.

  120. Shel

    Yeah I have to agree with the other, the most recent batch was def not Habib. Harsh, dry, missing that nice classic morocaness about it. Those of you who know, know what I mean.

  121. MmaF

    Regular moroccan hash, pretty sure its ROLEX and not Habibi.

    Low potency, got the regular “moroccan” spicy taste, must say its a little harsh on the throat and dry unlike authentic habibi.

    for the price its a nice deal.

  122. Age1

    This is a very nice product ! Best hash I’ve ever smoked !
    It’s very smooth taste on exhale leaves you wanting more to go with it’s nicely set mellow effects . Very enjoyable! Very satisfied! Will purchase again !

  123. Elvi

    Great product have purchased a couple times.smooth and great taste thanks greenz

  124. Ald


  125. Bill

    The more I smoke this stuff, the more I love it. Great old school taste and high that lasts a long time. It’s great for pain and sleeplessness. Excellent product, decent price. Bought before, will buy again. Highly recommended.

  126. King

    Amazing ! Always consistent with their products. Yaletown Flower Co in my opinion is the best ! Don’t worry and purchase this, it’s truly number one in quality – aroma – high and truly original morrocan !

  127. Evac

    Love this stuff! If your looking for something to give a little extra kick to your rollies, and set the taste buds on overdrive, grab some of this. It’s also obviously great on its own. I can honestly say you can’t go wrong with ordering this. I give every thumb up possible!

  128. jami

    Reminders of the 70″s when hash was a rare indulgence. Thank you for those awesome memories.

  129. Ryan

    Not earth shattering but it gets the job done. Rock hard requiring heat to bust up with a fairly mild flavor, found it a bit harsh on the throat/lungs. All in all a decent hash at a fair price point.

  130. Jlaw

    Can’t keep the stuff around all my friends and family requested every time they come over!

  131. jobj

    I think there are a lot of people who try Hash for the first time here or are simply not use to smoke a lot of Morrocan Hash.

    I am going to make things clear once for all for EVERYONE.

    I am from France, smoking hash for half of my life ( all coming from Spain or Morroco ) and I use to live in Amsterdam for while as well. crew was carrying the best hash ever that can be found in Canada during June / start of July. I know it cuz I bought almost all their inventory left.
    That has was definitely a Morrocan hash made from the best harvest of the year. It was dark ( not so blonde ), hard but somehow flexible, enough not to make any crumble pieces when you break it. And over all, it has that super punchy spicy flavor that made it AAAA Morrocan Hash.

    Even in Amsterdam, I struggled to find such pure nevertheless potent Hash.

    Thing is that THE NEW BATCH of morrocan Hash, is carrying right now HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH the previous batch.

    I know it’s weird… even with the same stampe ( usually Habibi or Rollex in Canada ), the hash quality could vary dramatically… and this is the case.

    I think the Hash they carry now is stamped / branded ROLLEX. It’s a dry blonde morrocan hash with no typical spicy flavour. A bit harsh on throat ( the density of the smoke has nothing to do with their previous spicy batch ). When it come to the middle of the joint, an unpleasant taste and smell arrive too… spoiling a bit the experience. It remind me the very average hash we can score in France…

    I am not saying that this hash is cut or mixed with the basic chemical they use on the European market… but it might be the third or 4th press coming from the Morrocan farm ( or sometimes they use a full batch of leaf to press their Hash ).

    Just wanted to clarify everything, quality-wise…

    Apart of that, greenz support has always been here for me and so far they do a good job. One of my favourite Online Dispensary ! Keep it up ( just try to bring back or score the best Morrocan hash possible )

  132. King

    What can I say other than nothing and bow down to this beautiful medicinal creation. Smooth flavour beautiful Aroma, Pure top Quality Moroccan. I call this ”night in Marseille” as it reminds me of Europe and ”Le shitte” (Moroccan hash) they call there, same quality my friends, just apply a little heat and break off as much as you need. 99.9999% approved by me! 😀 thank you and friends for making the impossible, possible! p.s LOVED THE HAT! AND THE KEY CHAIN ! thank you so much.

  133. lw72

    I have not had hash in about 15 years and decided to try some for a treat. I was not disappointed and the effects were a relaxing head and body high that lasted for quite a while. It was a bit hard but with a little heat it was easy to crumble. Definitely worth the price.

  134. Mj82

    Love it. Great smell smoke and buzz. Will be getting again

  135. paul

    Nice smoke. Much like the hash from the 80’s. Love it

  136. stin

    Best buzz for best price. Mellow high and taste perfect for the end of the day.

  137. Conc

    Very nice stuff, thanks greenz.

  138. Shel

    This 2nd batch is much better then the batch I got in March, this is like the old school hash. It loses a star because it’s not quite there, it is missing that spice that old school Moroccan hash. Good stuff though no doubt.

  139. goul

    it was my first time i smoke hash and it’s not gonna be the last

  140. Doug

    This is by far the best hash I have smoked in my life. I have recommended the site based on this product alone!
    Thank you.

  141. Eizn

    Smells nice and has a very interesting taste. It was a bit harsh for me but I’m also not very used to smoking hash so that’s probably the issue. Will definitely purchase again.

  142. Spac

    Perfect! Just what I wanted!

  143. Edpo

    It is really cool to find hash. Especially hash that smells this good and alleviates all body aches.

  144. Jimm

    Way to go Greenz, this one is a gooder. Clean smoke and flavorful, will definately buy again once I run out!

  145. Bubb

    Good taste , I mixed it with love potion #1 and what a match…

  146. Gros

    Remember the 80’s, same good old hash.
    Enjoy it 😉

  147. Cann

    Real old school ! Great smell and taste not to mention the awesome buzz. Super hash thank you Greenz !

  148. Cann

    Loved it , brought me back 35 years . Great smoke , smell and what a buzz .

  149. Uzer

    Loved this hash; same great taste and texture I remember from back in HS!! Best bang for your buck, great body stone, perfect for before bedtime – I slept like a baby!

  150. sam9

    Decent hash. Not terribly potent but it’s still nice to add in a bowl or vape chamber. It burns well, isn’t too harsh, and has a very nice floral/herbal smell. Would definitely buy it again.

  151. nikk

    Helped alot. Nice and clean burn.

  152. Bobb

    Very good very nice

  153. Cann

    Classic! Awesome taste, the real McCoy

  154. Lord

    Found it to be a little weak but it but it’s cheap to buy

  155. Dagg

    Great taste look and smoke! Perfect addition!

  156. Spog

    Great Classic Hash taste with a medium high. Good daytime stuff and perfect for the occasional user.

  157. Mell

    Not really feelin this one, it tastes really off and leaves a weird after taste. One of the weakest hash i have had, i usually go through my hash super quick when i get it. But i have yet to finish this one. Only thing i like about this one is how well it stays together. Both my husband and i were not really liking it.

  158. Tm20

    Smells dank as soon as you break open the sealed bag, it’s rock solid, and burns nice and slow. This has a very nice subtle buzz that relaxes but doesn’t make you drowsy. Been smoking this all day long every at work on my smoke breaks and is a very good reliever

  159. Cmar

    Un exellent hash se roule tres bien en joint et est parfait pour le jour autent que pour la nuit il a un buzz parfait pas trop down juste asser gler

  160. BenB

    Vraiment bon gout excellent buzz

  161. Bill

    Bought before, will buy again. I love the taste and the high – reminds me of what I smoked back in the day! Recommended.

  162. mral

    Lovely stuff. Like others said, tastes and smells like the Eighties.

  163. 420n

    This is some great hash! love it, i just wish the price would come down a bit though.

  164. Verv

    Good taste,smooth and fairly potent! Will buy again!

  165. more

    Very smooth – great product!

  166. Mccr

    Very smooth and taste is great!

  167. Dale

    Nice smooth hash. great price

  168. Bill

    Great product – old school hash. Great taste with a nice finish, great long-lasting buzz. Great for day or night, but don’t smoke too much – it will knock you on your a$$. Bought before, will buy again. Recommended.

  169. quit

    I dropped a nice hard piece of this in my pipe and was blown away at the smooth hit that it gave, as well as the delicious flowery after-taste that it leaves.

  170. Aave

    Best deal for hash online!!!This is a potent tasty
    Hash that will leave you numb!!!

  171. Datg

    Great tasting blonde hash. Powders nice when heated. Nice smooth/spicy flavour. Decent quality, you won’t be disappointed. Will by again!

  172. Elis

    Aïe aïe aïe c’est du bon hash comme à l’époque (y’a longtemps !!) Et en plus, il est traité sans solvent… C’est le grand bonheur ! Thank you Greenz. All products are good. Really.

  173. Josh

    This that old school hash from back in the day. Very compressed with a very smooth tasty smoke. Also very potent can’t go wrong with this hash

  174. Oliv

    still a classic

  175. Bill

    THIS is the old school hash I remember from the 80’s. Most of the stuff is simply not the same. Strong, long-lasting high, great taste, nice mellow buzz. I really love this stuff and will order again!

  176. Myrk

    Good old moroccan hash. Hard but very easy to grind with a pair of scissors, tastes on point. I recommend it for daytime uses.

  177. Geso

    This is the real McCoy, sweet and tasty with a nice kick. Very dense and hard but breaks down and blends beautifully when gently heated.

  178. Alex

    Great, functional high.

  179. Shel

    This batch was okay, I’ve definitely had better, worth the price though

  180. Ryan

    Not a huge hash person but I do enjoy it sometimes and this hash is exactly what I’d go for when I do get some, super smooth and clean with a nice classic hash taste. Good stuff

  181. JYJY

    Great hash! Very creamy tasting and uplifting high. Will not would buy again!

  182. Jazz

    Worth the money

  183. Oliv

    still great bang for your buck, especially with the discount

  184. Gawd

    Nice hash, reminds me of the stuff I used to get back 30 years ago. Classic hash smell burns smooth and tastes great.

  185. TLTL

    This stuff is so much better then anything else. Super smooth and keeps you level. Love the no ups and downs. Ahhhhhh…. Ordering more!

  186. hame

    very good h

  187. Jere

    Great product crumbles really good when heated up so you can mix it up in a joint and burns really nice

  188. Seth

    Wonderful old school hash. Ordered 4 grams and im still using it. Shaved off pieces into joints or hit it in a onehitter pipe. Very nice flavour and it will get you if you put too much. crumble a small amount into a j and that j will be 2x maybe 3x the power.

  189. Tast

    If this is what people were smoking in the 90’s than wow! Strong stuff. Will put you down. Very happy, especially at its price.

  190. Stev

    Nice taste,nice mellow buzz.will buy again

  191. Exce

    Just a great hash overall. I can see why the other reviews are extremely positive. Nice and smooth with a perfect complimentary high. I find it great for those sleepless nights or any time of the day as long as you don’t go overboard with it. I break it up into small pieces and mix it with some bud in the vaporizer. Hasn’t disappointed yet, thanks Greenz!

  192. Goon

    Un bon high comme il y a longtemps…Doux et excellent goût. Parler de « hash marocain » c’est un peu comme parler de « vin français » ☺

  193. Aave

    This is the third time I have ordered this hash,
    I am a hash smoker and have many varieties
    This is my favorite love it .Can not beat the price point or the quality of this hash.

  194. rz51

    Morrocan hash. You can never go wrong with Morrocan hash!

  195. Ogma

    Great, smooth taste. Excellent high. Smokes very well, stays lit for a while so it’s good for joints.

  196. Mssh

    Great price for a great taste, love this sprinkled in a joint!

  197. jmi7

    This hash rocks, nice consistency, taste and high.

  198. Tryk

    Wonderful old school feel, this stuff will satisfy all your hash needs…Trykome

  199. Oliv

    still great

  200. Jo

    Great for the price and nice taste

  201. Datg

    Very good blonde. Smooth and nice flavour. Also breaks up nice with very little heat. It’s hard but a little softer than some other Marocs, but it’s very comparable. Potency is decent but not overpowering. Just good old school maroccan blonde. 🙂

  202. Nail

    Such an old school flashback. Amazing!

  203. Bruce

    Nice smoke for a great price.

  204. Aave

    Love this hash great price point as a hash smoker
    From many years ago I appreciate the taste and smell
    Of this hash.

  205. Leaf

    Smooth creamy taste very decent high

  206. Crac

    Second time i purchase it, and im just as happy and satisfied as i was the first time ;p

  207. dave

    Been smokin this stuff for years but when I found your site and seen the price of this, one of my most favourite smokeables, I became rather excited. Thank you. For my oz. and for the free herb sample. Cool.

  208. funk

    very relaxing and spicy !

  209. Crac

    Very good product, very relaxing and euphoric, and very good quality!

  210. Whis

    It was nice to find a good quality hash at a good price…ordered more because what can I say I like it! 3 blades and it was relaxation time!

  211. JohnW

    Not much to say that hasn’t been already. The 15$ price point really compliments it well for a quality product.


  212. Nail

    As the rest of the commwnts say..what a throwback! Clean dense earthy.

  213. Josh

    Really enjoying this hash. Very smooth and hits pretty hard. Great for some bowls and joints would get this again

  214. clov

    Great company great products customer for life

  215. PuffCow

    Top notch. Tasty Very nice smooth and potent. Hard press, yet pliable at body heat. Excellent example of imported Morrocan hash.

  216. dere

    I really prefer the bubble. But when no bubble this is a good sub. I hesitate to buy the black ( I have not tried the two new types yet so no judgement) but I I still have a chunk of black that is not consumable they had on for a very short time… tastes horrid. Is the bubble supplier out ?

  217. morg

    Big fan, nice taste, mild flavour.

  218. Samu

    Nice spicy hash for daytime. Goes well with a pinch of tobacco in a pipe but not the strongest buzz.

  219. Cory

    Nice old school hash.

  220. E-L-I

    Pretty good buzz, nice and smooth. Not very experienced with these types of hash but it seemed great.

  221. Corey

    Nice Hash that gives you a great buzz. I wish I had got more.

  222. Roas

    It reminds me of High School.

  223. tomtd

    There is an old school musky creamy smell to it, very hard but still has a little give to it. I do feel the sativa side of it and after the body buzz takes it away. I do think the pink kush bubble hash hits me harder then this but then again the bubble hash is a bit more expensive.

  224. Olivier

    5/5 very sweet moroccan, very hard but clearly the real imported stuff. smell and taste is 5/5, not your typical moroccan this is the high end stuff. more on the indica side, smells is not very strong and taste is very smooth sweet and creamy kinda like nepalese just tastes like its very strong in thc haha awesome for the price best moroccan Ive had in canada yet

  225. Dale Mann

    very smooth delicious taste. Hard and compact. amazing buzz both head and body but not overpowering like bubble hash and dry sifts I’ve been getting lately. Would like to keep a supply of this on hand at all times for a nice old school treat. Please keep re stocking

  226. Jazz

    Pretty good nice buzz

  227. pinkprincess

    So happy I found this. Love the flavour of this.

  228. MrKarlPink

    Moroccan Hash (Solventless)s should be nicknamed “Golden Era” for the Golden Era of Hip Hop this took me back to. I have to agree with some of these reviews, because this hash is back in the day amazing! Blended with a session, prepare for a TKO.

  229. paul

    Bought this based on reviews saying it’s like hash from back in the day. They weren’t lying! Brings me back to the late 90s.. hope it stays around as I’ll grab some every order

  230. Jamesabercrombie

    Great old school hash. Extremely hard,heat up the corner with a lighter lightly and It spreads right out perfect in a spliff. Good flavour and chilled out buzz.

  231. derekfinlay

    Very nice product. Not as potent as the others but is the real deal like I use to get in the late 80’s.

  232. Paul

    One of my favourites thus far. Reminds me of parties in the 90’s. Very heavy body effects, smooth, lovely almost exotic smell.

  233. Datguy7545

    Really good smooth hash will definitely get again

  234. Aavenger

    Memories of my youth,great taste super high
    Real old school Hash. Love it thanks greenz

  235. Daddy

    This is the Old School hash you got back in the day. Nice clean buzz, smooth finish, crumbles nicely when heated. Flavour really takes you back, good high for doing something else if you want. All in all a 5/5. SWEET!!!!

  236. protocell

    Great medicinal product, helped me relax, smooth creamy taste

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