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MasterMind New Mood Microdosing


Each Cap contains 200mg Psilocybin

30 Caps

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Plenty of people have heard about the powerful psychedelic effects of psilocybin. This molecule, found in magic mushrooms, is well-known for its possible abilities to distort time, boost mood, and imbue hallucinations in its users. Humans have utilized these psychedelic traits for thousands of years, beginning with the indigenous people of South America.

However, that’s not the only thing magic mushrooms can do. In recent years, a practice called microdosing has surged in popularity. This phenomenon involves taking low doses of psilocybin – below the threshold needed to cause any sort of psychedelic experience. Instead, microdosing aims to utilize some of the lesser-known possible benefits of psilocybin.

That’s where these New mood Capsules by Master Mind come in. Utilizing a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, mushrooms (and of course, psilocybin), these capsules are specially-designed to harness some of the possible benefits of microdosing to reduce stress and anxiety. If you’ve ever considered experimenting with microdosing, now’s your chance.


  • Specially-designed formula to combat stress and anxiety
  • Each bottle holds 30 capsules
  • 200 mg per capsule – 6000 mg total per bottle
  • Ingredients: psilocybin mushrooms, lions’ mane, niacin, 5-HTP, proprietary blend of mushrooms

Uses and Effects

With a powerful blend of herbs and mushrooms based on their proprietary recipe, these New Mood Capsules by Master Mind may have several benefits. Some of them include:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Boosting creativity
  • Increased focus and motivation
  • Eliminating “brain fog”

Instructions and Ingredients

With these New Mood Capsules, as with any other psilocybin product, it’s crucial for new users to begin with a low dose. Then, once they know how their bodies will respond to psilocybin, they can slowly increase their dosage. While some proponents of microdosing advocate taking psilocybin as soon as they wake up, others enjoy taking it before they fall asleep to wake up with its effects in full swing.

If you want to try microdosing for yourself, you have two options. You could try growing your own batch of mushrooms. However, that’s time- and labor-intensive. It also requires specialized knowledge. Instead, you can order magic mushrooms online with Greenz.

As one of the best online dispensaries in Canada, we make it easy to select your favorite magic mushrooms, enter your payment information, and complete your purchase. We’ll take care of the rest – you’ll find your purchase delivered at whatever address you provide.


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