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Lock-N-Load Chillum


Glass 1-hitter pipe

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Transporting weed can be a hassle. Weed is generally smelly, and carrying a joint around with you can alert others to the fact that you smoke. When you’re in public, sometimes you want to remain a low-key smoker. And once you get to your destination, how do you smoke your weed?

That’s where this Lock-N-Load Chillum comes in. This one-hitter serves two functions. First, it’s a long, resealable glass tube that can preserve weed’s freshness and taste. In that sense, this Lock-N-Load chillum makes weed storage and transportation easy. That’s not all, though – it also serves as an incognito smoking device itself that’s perfect for today’s mobile world.


  • Two functions: preserve weed freshness and smoke it directly
  • Innovative design
  • Durable glass construction
  • Re-sealable top
  • Can smoke hash or flower

Uses and Effects

The long, durable glass tube of this chillum is long enough to stash a joint, or you can pack weed directly into it to smoke by itself. It’s super simple to clean, as well: since it’s just a straight tube of glass, it doesn’t have any hard-to-reach areas where resin can collect.

Chillums are great for anyone who wants to stay mobile but keep their ability to smoke. It’s perfect for road trips or long stays at a friend’s house.

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