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Lemon Drop

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  • Brand: Yaletown Flower Co.

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Lemon Drop has everything you’d expect from a strain named after candy. First, it offers smokers an incredible taste that fuses tangy, sour lemon with sweet tones similar to candy. Not only that, it also has a truly one-of-a-kind cannabinoid profile. This combination, along with Lemon Drop’s hybrid genetics, create the closest thing you’ll find to a perfect strain.

New users beware: Lemon Drop doesn’t mess around. This strain packs a potent punch, and it can easily overwhelm an unsuspecting newbie. However, veteran stoners may just find their new go-to strain. Lemon Drop’s hybrid genetics make it a perfect smoke for any time of day, and medical patients are raving about its potential health benefits.


  • Hybrid genetics: 60 percent sativa, 40 percent indica
  • Unique cannabinoid profile includes significant quantities of CBD and CBN
  • Amazing taste similar to lemon drop candies or lemonade

Aroma and Appearance

As far as flavour and scent go, Lemon Drop does to things really well: sweet and tangy. An abundance of the terpene limonene gives Lemon Drop a particularly citrus zest. The tangy citrus scent is flanked by dank and earthy notes, giving Lemon Drop a complex aroma.

Upon sparking this strain up, the flavour of Lemon Drop adds even more tropical, tangy taste. It also takes a seriously sweet turn, creating a flavour so succulent it almost tastes like candy.

Uses and Effects

Taste aside Lemon Drop’s high alone makes it stand out amongst other strains. It takes full advantage of the Entourage Effect, twisting and morphing its balanced hybrid high. With 1 percent of both CBD and CBN, Lemon Drop features cannabinoids that other strains just can’t match. The end result is a particularly energizing high. A tight, pleasant focus keeps a smoker dialed-in for the duration of Lemon Drop’s euphoric, happy high.


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