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Joker Hash

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Joker Hash is oftentimes categorised as the uplifting, energising, and social cannabis concentrate. Created by using Joker strain that contains about 80% Sativa and THC levels that usually average anywhere between 18% and 23%, this concentrate offers very strong pain-relieving and stimulating effects.


  • Daytime use
  • Energising and euphoric high
  • Great for pain, loss of appetite, and depression
  • Powerfully potent

Effects and Therapeutic Benefits

Joker Hash is used by both recreational and medicinal users because of the well-rounded and highly effective benefits it provides. Because it comes in this concentrated form, the effects are much more potent in comparison to smoking the marijuana plant. The potency of hash can be as strong as 80%, which is significantly higher in comparison.

As soon as the effects will start kicking in, this blissful state of euphoria, joy, and laughter will energise your overall being, from your mind to your body. Throughout the duration of the high, you may find yourself feeling greatly energised accompanied by a mental state that can easily focus and be creative.

You might even step into the territory of giggles that can cause your body to fully relax and release any tension and aches. Joker Hash can help relieve symptoms caused by a variety of stressors and conditions, such as:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress


Enjoying the Effects in a Delicious Way

When it comes to cannabis, some of the most common and traditional ways individuals consume it is by traditional methods, such as smoking or vaping. But we know that not everyone prefers this way of consuming marijuana to benefit from its effects and with good reason.

Joker Hash, because it comes in this concentrated form, can be consumed in a multitude of ways that protect your health while delivering drastically stronger potency than smoking does. So how else to consume this concentrate? Your creativity is your only limit.

You can easily infuse Joker Hash into your tea or your favourite beverages, especially on a hot summer day. Just imagine how refreshing a non-alcoholic cocktail infused with this marijuana concentrate can be. Or, if you are a snacker and enjoy baking your own homemade desserts, then simply add Joker Hash into your baking practices. You can also include this concentrate into your main dishes, but if you are having people over, make sure to give them a heads up unless you plan for a surprise “high” party.

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  1. capt

    strong tasting and strong effects good overall day hash

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