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Jack Herer

(231 customer reviews)

$7.00 / gram
$129.00 / 28 grams

  • Brand: Friendly Flower Co.

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This strain may sound familiar to seasoned stoners and newbie potheads alike. That’s because Jack Herer is one of the most famous strains in North America. Developed by Dutch breeders in the mid-1990s, this 55/45 Sativa-dominant hybrid is named after the esteemed American cannabis activist Jack Herer.

Herer, who went by the nickname “the Hemperor,” campaigned for the international acceptance of marijuana as a medicine. Herer passed away in 2010, but his legacy lives on in the strain. It’s a heavy-hitter, featuring a THC content that may reach 20 percent or more. which won the 7th Cannabis Cup and numerous other awards. It features a clear-headed Sativa high that can boost creativity and improve sociability.


  • Balanced 55/45 Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • High THC content: between 17 and 20 percent
  • Rare terpene profile emphasizing tones of fruit and pepper
  • High resin production
  • Perfect wake-and-bake strain

Uses and Effects

This Sativa-dominant strain is notable for its clear-headed, cerebral high. Smokers can spark up Jack Herer at any time of day without having to worry about becoming too sedated. It offers fairly stimulating effects that can help inspire creativity and make smokers more social. Jack Herer’s warm, giggly high is perfect for a night out rather than staying in. This strain may be able to alleviate symptoms of issues like PTSD, migraines, and ADHD.

In addition, some of the possible benefits of Jack Herer may include:

  • Energizing euphoria
  • Relaxed and calming effects
  • Reduced pain
  • Manage swelling
  • Banishing anxiety and depression

Aroma and Appearance

Jack Herer nugs are visually stunning. They’re hard, dense buds that hold up well in a container but readily crumble between the fingers. It’s completely coated in trichomes, looking like small crystals of sugar that glisten in any available light. Crops of orange-amber hairs sprout readily from between green buds, crowning the plant’s resinous surface.

This strain’s aroma is front-heavy with a bold, fruity aroma. Its loud smell will instantly fill a room with a sweet scent. After that smell registers in your nostrils, you’ll detect hints of herbs and pepper. It also features hints of pine and spices, which take a place front and centre as soon as you spark it up.

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Range (gram)Price ($/gram)
1 gram$7.00 / gram $7.00 / gram
28 gram$4.61 / gram $4.61 / gram
14 gram$5.29 / gram $5.29 / gram
7 gram$5.57 / gram $5.57 / gram
3.5 gram$6.86 / gram $6.86 / gram

231 reviews for Jack Herer

  1. negc

    100% worth the price. Squished into rosin. Great results. Is one of my Greenz go to strains when in stock.

  2. Cabi

    Worth the price when on sale. Nice buzz, although not as potent or uplifting as one would like. I guess this will vary between batches. Leaves a nice aftertaste.

  3. Jess

    Disappointed with the lack of terps. Easy smoke for during the day, though.

  4. shaw

    A reliable go to in my books. It is a great strain with a bit of a citrus flavour. I use this bud when I have to do work around the house. Good headrush without the lazy side effects. Great value as well

  5. Mell

    Everytime i have gotten this strain it is dissapointing, i dont know if it lives up to its name at all. Everytime i smoke it i get a little baked for maybe 5 minutes then just makes me sleepy, really weak grow. I will never get this strain again.

  6. Bouw

    Good day bud

  7. Herb

    One of my favourites, even better when on sale!

  8. Tess

    Great friend in the garden.

  9. nanc

    Have had better Jack but this is good for a day high

  10. Sams

    Excellent rapport qualité / prix.

  11. LBLB

    Good daytime smoke that helps you get off your ass and do shit! I like that it’s regularly available at an affordable price too!

  12. dies

    Disappointing batch. Using as a mixer

  13. LD

    Really great daytime strain. Especially if you want to put on headphones & dance around while you clean the house lol

  14. dies

    Good for the price. Despite its look, Surprisingly a really good high.

  15. joey

    I have seen some better jacks! this is PERFECT for morning beffore a big day at work .. would smoke this at night nevrer

  16. TSTS

    AAA and half

  17. Chri

    Nice, good for a day buzz

  18. Chri

    Nice, uplifting. Good for a day buzz

  19. Ciga

    Good smoke, decent good high…
    Not my first choice, but it wasn’t bad!

  20. gram

    For me this is the best wake n bake bud. I suffer from depression and find this a helpful push to get up and get going.
    Also since it’s a milder high there seems to be little to no burnout.

  21. GHGr

    Burned fairly well. Looked a bit rough and taste was similar. Left me feeling focused and at ease. Not bad for the price.

  22. Pri

    This batch was not as good as the first. gets too sticky towards the end

  23. iron

    nice sativa good for daytime

  24. Loaf

    Jack Herer always does the trick for me. Nice mellow buzz, not too overpowering but still gets you stuck to the couch if you have enough.

  25. Gree

    Big, fluffy buds. Soft high.

  26. jake

    Nice product for the price

  27. Dani

    Good price for quality. Little bit leafy.

  28. dies

    Good day time bud. Good price for quality

  29. Stuc

    As advertised! Good buzz

  30. Gree

    This stuff made me feel light, fluffy and social without wanting to also eat everything in sight!

  31. Remp

    It’s your basic sativa. Very mellow and not an over powering high. Good for socializing

  32. Edpo

    Jack is great
    I am recently back into sativa weed and this is the best bang for your buck

  33. shap

    Gives you a good head high if thats what you like. Strong and worth it.

  34. Pri

    always smooth, one of my best buds

  35. Skyc

    Love this

  36. Kobo

    very good socializing buzz!

  37. Sham

    I have used this strain for years and it is always my favourite go to sativa. From flavour, to burn, to length of high – you will love this strain. If you find it on sale don’t hesitate!!

  38. iron

    a good sativa great for the daytime good taste good buzz goes

  39. Chop

    Great stuff for a great price! Very smooth with a lasting high

  40. Vamp

    Love the taste of it ☺️

  41. what

    I have really enjoyed the latest batch I received. A great day time smoke that leaves you feeling productive, creative and relaxed.

  42. John

    Nice batch. Definitely a classic jack, big hairy buds with a nice thick tasty smoke. Energetic, sativa high. Great value. Only complaint is that my big beautiful buds were very squished.

  43. kyle

    Classic sativa. Best price for the product. If you’re into sativa, you can’t go wrong.

  44. Mela

    One of my favorite strains. Such an uplifting day time high. Gave me serious giggles and always such an amazing price. Anxiously waiting until I can buy again!

  45. Lord

    It’s ok. Nice for the price, someone with low budget. Fluffy, not much trichomes, tastes average/bad, alright buzz….

    I’d try to skip or try a few Gs maybe. Still, it’s quite alright really..

    Quite different with different batches too…

  46. Boba

    Great batch for the price. Always a pleasure. Thank you!

  47. TSTS

    Very good Jack Herer

  48. John

    For $5/g it’s decent value. I wouldn’t pay more though..

  49. Mela

    I had heard Jack Herer was a top sativa and had never tried it yet.. I was NOT disappointed! It is a very upbeat and productive buzz. Nice taste and burn. I will definitely be hanging out with Jack again 🙂

  50. Sham

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jack! It is one of my favourites and as a day/creative smoke it’s the best. Get this product anytime you see it… love the service and products from Greenz!

  51. Dawg

    I wish I could smoke this at work cause it keeps me very focused. I like to smoke it before I mow the lawn, or even just doing house chores. Great daytime smoke but I usually smoke it whenever.
    Hope they get more in stock!

  52. nati

    I enjoyed this a lot but the buds were kind of dry. It was a nice high though!

  53. v_2c

    Nothing fancy, did the trick.

  54. Hook

    Excellent ‘O’. This Jack is so fresh, I swear it’s straight off the plant. Not damp, burns slow, fires up all hybrid effects. We are very happy with this strain. May become a regular staple. Thanks again.

  55. fufu

    I will never get tired of Jack. Consistently great and always a good deal!

  56. Mark

    Last batch didn’t smell or taste like any pot I’ve ever smoked. Mellow buzz.

  57. LD

    This stuff burns really well & you really can’t beat it for the price. Nice smoke.

  58. kayl

    great price and nice high. Love smoking this when I have stuff to do around the house.

  59. Herb

    Just good weed, what more can be said, enjoy the buzz!

  60. Zak6

    Very nice smelling buds, burns nicely, smooth to inhale, and leaves a nice high for a while. This is the third time ordering JH for me, and will order again.

  61. Bouw

    Great for day time.

  62. gbra

    Love it, nice smoke and high !!

  63. Cack


  64. ye

    I’ve bought this a few times and each time it’s been worse. It was so dry, barely got me high. Not sure what happened but this strain got me super high at one point.

  65. Leon

    Taste great and has real Sativa buzz awesome for wake and bake

  66. dave

    Great price. Good day time smoke

  67. Tai

    Definitely one if my favorites. Great daytime buzz.

  68. jsky

    good price for good budget bud.

  69. Robe

    cheap and good for the price

  70. Tess

    I like the energy boost.

  71. sebb

    Great bud, so different than all the others, almost looks like Jamaican weed but this is a great sativa for the price!

  72. Coul

    Burns clean, sharp taste, green fluffy buds and provides a nice calming buzz.

  73. Gord

    Great bud

  74. Ajfi

    A good smoke for the price

  75. Chri

    Great bang for the buck. totally worth it!!

  76. Lion

    Great price for a nice smelling and smoking bud.

  77. Robe

    good cheap sativa

  78. Chri

    Decent flower for a really good price.

  79. Gray

    Nice buzz, good to start the day. Nice fluffy buds and a good Jack Nose. Burns great. Great price.

  80. fufu

    Jack herer has become my favorite strain from Greenz. Lately every batch I’ve purchased from has been top notch, and the price is unbeatable. Just the right amount of stickyness, big buds, nice taste and smell, and great for day or night.

  81. Pri

    High doesn’t last that long, but good enough. Good for the price and handy to have around. I smoke this when I don’t want to get into a high daze

  82. TSTS

    really good stuff for the price, Right you can’t go wrong

  83. Boba

    Great for the price! Definitely a good value and the batch was pretty good as well. Got the job done!

  84. Jazz

    Not strong at all

  85. Serg

    Ain’t no complaints! Good stuff, not fantastic but worth the money!

  86. dies

    Not my fav… good price if you need something

  87. kris

    What a great Bud! Nice size Nugs, and was really relaxing, not to the point where your ganna pass out.. just right, in my opinion.. definitely getting another bag…. right now!

  88. goul

    really good stuff for the price you can’t go wrong

  89. neil

    Bud was fluffy and light. Weight was good though. Strong buzz, excellent for the price. Rosin pressed at 13% yield.

  90. GinG

    Delicious and dank, light fluffy nugs.
    Great value. Will re order

  91. mupp

    great when your on a budget 🙂 but loved it either way

  92. Apro

    , great bud for the price.. not a bad taste to it either

  93. Memm

    Always a pleasure, Been on this strain for a while

  94. dies

    Lower grade… not my fav

  95. Tige

    Love this strain. ❤️ My go to for pain relief / energy booster.

  96. FaHr

    nice daytime buzz. burned clean. perfect for the price point. personallly wasnt a fan of the taste but that’d be my only complaint .

  97. Gome

    For the price you cant go wrong and it smokes pretty good.

  98. rbou

    Very good deal for price and quality. Nice looking buds and good smoking

  99. Serg

    Good product, delivers a great day time buzz, perfect for if you are looking for something to keep you going through out the day that won’t put you to bed

  100. Anto

    Good price, good daytime strain!

  101. trim

    This is a unique strain from a flavour/aroma profile standpoint, but besides that, it’s pretty good. It’s not going to blow your socks off, but it does happily get the job done. Nice uplifting effects; sort of a non-trippy sativa high. Burns, like I said, unlike most other strains I’ve had. Not unpleasant, though, but I do feel that this may be highly subjective.

    Worth a try if you are looking for something a little different – grab it on sale for a great deal!

  102. Stev

    My buddy ordered some of this last week. Different taste but definitely did the job

  103. Dime

    I found this kinda harsh on my throat. Bit of a musty taste to it that corrects when it drys right out, but it makes it pretty harsh. Not a bad high but not great. For the price it’s a good bang for your buck. Great for homemade butter for baking.

  104. luhu


  105. Cali

    It gets me high, but it’s mostly seeds, and you shouldn’t smoke seeds. So when you pull the amount of seeds out, you dont have much weed left, and you still end up with seeds. Not ordering again

  106. tige

    Always my favourite to order .. and awesome price

  107. ramm

    at price a mellow excellent ,recommend

  108. Memm

    Nice taste, gets me a nice head high that lasts, good stuff good price

  109. Ciga

    Good bud, easy on the wallet.

  110. ema7

    Good smoke. Steady high and MUNCHIES!!

  111. jsin

    Good bud for the price

  112. hann

    Easily my new favourite daytime smoke. Light and uplifting, it’s the perfect strain for blue winter days. Highly recommend!

  113. TSTS

    Nice buds good smoke a little stemmyy

  114. Boba

    I like this strain! This batch was light and fluffy- it smoked well though. It is definitely a great deal for the price!

  115. Mj82

    It’s ok I’ve had better from here. Smoked well just didn’t get very high

  116. kayo

    The buds were very leafy and the entire ounce I received was moist. The stems were all pliable and and could bend like lightly-cooked spaghetti. There was no density to the stems whatsoever… In fact, I had to fish them out of my grinder because they wouldn’t grind. The smoke was rather smooth, however, there was no discernable “wow” factor to the high, if I could even call it a high. This comes at a good value, but it’s really for those who prefer quantity to quality. Low quality buds at a great price.

  117. dom5

    Great Sativa strain for during the day and staying productive. A little harsh on the end and not the greatest taste, but for the price, I would casually smoke Jack Herer all the time!

  118. Bren

    I think this strain is very good for the price. On the lighter side. Great for daytime.

  119. Apro

    Great smell, taste and good buzz.. will order again

  120. Chro

    Same consistency every time! A nice light daytime smoke that mixes very well with other strains! will continue to order, especially for $5 / gram !!

  121. oliv

    Great quality for the price!

  122. Drag

    Really impressed with this product! I wish I could post a picture as one of the buds stretched plum across my palm! After getting smalls with some of the other strains this is as good as it gets for $5 grams.

  123. acre

    I loved it at first, a clean and happy high. But I had to rotate strains because of headaches

  124. pres

    probably a classic for a lot of people, but that was the first time for me trying jack herer. and it become my new favorite. great for day time

  125. Sara

    Good sized buds and smoked good, it will stone ya, good deal for the price

  126. bust

    nice taste and smell, good buzz for the buck will buy again

  127. Deaway

    Good price all round

  128. odre

    Pas ma premiere “batch” commandée, par contre un peu decue cette fois ci.
    Rien a dire de l’efficacitée, mais batard qui goute pas bon…. ni en joint ou au bucket. Goute l’exté… dure pour la gorge pis y pu! Lol
    Mais, pour buzzer, y buzz 😉

  129. fufu

    This wasmy 3rd time buying Jack and by far the best batch yet. Not dry like previously, much bigger buds, stronger and nicer taste, and milder on the throat.

  130. nikk

    Nice buds this time around. Great filler for the amazing price.

  131. rlaj

    Didn’t seem very strong but the price is great. Decent all purpose weed.

  132. aure

    dont like how it is bone dry it crumbles when u grab a bud of it, not a super potent taste or smell, but it gives a nice mellow buzz. definatley would not pay more than 5 a gram.

  133. Taco

    Very good price and does the job but the taste is not very good

  134. Kmat

    Can beat the price

  135. Armo

    Great for the price

  136. Leon

    Excellent value for money

  137. Tris

    nice consistency, great taste, excellent price…definitely worth trying!

  138. ccgo

    good weed, cant beat the price

  139. AbzA

    Nice buds good smoke a little stemmy

  140. GinG

    Fantastic smoke. Good to mix with a stronger breed Yummy taste

  141. evol

    It’s a decent daytime bud. Has a unusual taste when smoked. However, vapes well.

  142. Smac

    Last batch had an amazing taste. Have reorder today.

  143. burr

    You get what you pay for sometimes, kind of weak but nice to enjoy all day long.

  144. To7m

    Bought this because of its similarities with blue dream. I found I was a bit more anxious and was getting incredible headaches off of it. Tried a few times and same thing.

  145. Race

    should have known by the price…not good at all

  146. Mike

    Great bud for the price,burns nice with a tasty buzz

  147. sanc

    Average stuff, not my cup of tea! Ok for the price to be fair

  148. Ketc

    Great smoke good on the hotknives will order again

  149. phil

    does the job,different tasting smells great,smokes well.Thanks

  150. henr

    Super enjoyable. Nice smell. Smooth smoke.

  151. GinG

    Nice buds, fresh. Not a killer buz. But for the price its is good

  152. MzBl

    Last batch was super leafy and loose nugs, but still smoked great and had decent potency.

  153. fufu

    Like user Kenz, I preferred the first batch I got of this strain. Second batch didn’t taste as good. Maybe the next batch will be better.

  154. kcot

    One of the better strains I’ve personally tried. Gave me the best high.

  155. Diam

    I’m not a big fan. I found it to be harsh ! Plus it had a lot of stems and loose leaf.

  156. BenB

    Very good weed

  157. Kris

    Love the nice euphoric, boosting high I got from this strain, perfect for day use but helped take the edge off my rheumatoid arthritis

  158. XX

    Very disappointed, it didn’t even get me hi

  159. rock

    I have to agree with lady. But I was not disappointed. it was just a longer smoke.

  160. KatK

    I really like this one…. wish i bought more!!!!

  161. Lady

    I love Jack but was super disappointed with my last order. It was beyond moist…. I understand with the way growers are pushing product out as fast as possible but this took over three days with the bag open to try and get it dry enough to smoke well and then the weight was significantly different. Very disappointed with this one order and I LOVE Greenz so it says a lot. It was just this one order and the Blue Rhino I got was just fine and it was ordered the same time. Probably just a fluke.

  162. Wmok

    This strain is suprising nice. The taste was good but not near the best i’ve had. Great for price.

  163. Mela

    Love this strain. Burns great, super smooth, great buzz for price. Will buy again

  164. MzBl

    Fully decent buds, slightly unusual taste but burns nice and lasts decently

  165. Bouw

    Great daytime weed. Cant go wrong for the price. Will be ordering again

  166. asht

    i found this jack to be quite good. not a lot of stems, nice fluffy, popcorn nugs with bright read hairs. LOVED the taste and the buzz was perfect. best jack ive had for the price

  167. heat

    Surprisingly nice flavor, very clean smoke! A nice buzz for a good price.

  168. jame

    Great high, bad taste tho(or at least the multiple batch I got), I find this one to be a bit harsh on the throat but when I still recommend whenever its on sale.

  169. tige

    All time fave for the price

  170. Kitt

    Very surprised! This was my first order and I figured I’d take the chance seeing the price, wow! I am a seasoned chronic and this stuff was a very pleasant high! Nancy was wonderful online helping me through the process and even surprised me with a free gram! Good burn, good high!

  171. Jenn

    This is one of my favs. Great buzz and nice taste to it. Can’t wait to buy again.

  172. Corb

    Don’t judge a book by its cover…. it ain’t pretty but it works !!! great for day time and long car rides !!

  173. Feen

    This is my Go-To morning smoke, I love rolling a joint of JH with my coffee.
    gives you an uplifting, energetic high.

  174. Zent

    Not a good batch I received. Burned buds with a bad leafy taste. At least no mold and the buzz is okay.

  175. nerc

    Go to daily smoke, great for work!

  176. Jame

    Tried this stuff and wasn’t really pleased. Smoked alright, but not much of a buzz. Price was good, but probably won’t order again

  177. Kate

    Didnt look good but it tasted and smoked great

  178. bam6

    decent enough but the price was right

  179. Patm

    Was fine for a while but seemed to loose some of it’s potency after a while offering smoking it

  180. odre

    Bon pot de jour, te permet de rester actif et happy
    Bon gout fume bien au joint

  181. Jord

    Uplifting without ensuing fatigue. The high is there, but bag appeal, smell, and taste are very poor. I don’t regret buying it, but I won’t re-purchase.

  182. Ozzi

    Interesting strain with a different appearance but don’t be fool by it’s look, very potent uplifting weed, easy to grind and burn. Become one on my classic, enjoy.

  183. shaw

    Good buzz

  184. JEO

    Very surprised with this one. Buds were very fluffy not the usual tight nugs. Advantage not a lot of stems. The high was very energetic. Was a nice smoke to get ready hockey. Thanks Greenz, always delivered on time and great products!!

  185. tali

    it was okay . decent high

  186. Blaz

    Decent day time smoke smooth clean .

  187. Dart

    Decent works well with Violator like cutting the two in a mix

  188. amcc

    Fluffy nugs and smoked nice. Enjoyed it but not my favorite

  189. Bobb

    Pretty good stuff

  190. Munc

    not my favorite but the price was right for the product . good if ur low on funds

  191. Ajfi

    Fluffy big nugs tastes and smokes great

  192. coop

    I like it good smoke nice feeling of relaxation and it burns and smells nice.

  193. Dave

    I enjoyed this nice smell taste and will order again

  194. Chro

    Nice big fluffy buds. Great taste and smooth going down. Seems to be a nice mix od indica and sativa. Moxes very well with the kushberry!

  195. Mart

    Pretty good Jack for the price. You can’t really complaint

  196. Chea

    worse crap I ever buy on this site lol prob got the bad batch

  197. Spor

    Great smoke and good price. Can’t go wrong.

  198. West

    Decent for the price. Yes large fluffy buds and smells alright. Not a very strong buzz and burned kinda crappy.

  199. Robe

    Pretty good for the price!

  200. Gyal

    Pretty decent

  201. cour

    Fluffy buds, alright high but nothing special. For the price it’s just ok, I’ve had better for the same price.

  202. Andr

    Classic jack look and bag smell. Looks a bit week bag appeal wise but this is a great clean smoke . Very good sativa high

  203. Lord

    Huge buds, very fluffy (too much). Does the job as a sativa, it just tastes and smell bad…

  204. Cmof

    great for the price! No complaints!

  205. nell

    Meh. Not that good. Priced well.

  206. dyla

    great morning bud, aaa+

  207. Bass

    Big Buds….super buzzy sativa energy high. Definitely a day dose. Enjoy!

  208. Orca

    This is incredibly rare of me. I love Greenz and I find their product to be of the highest quality. Then I ordered this. It was in a fairly large order, not that this is any excuse, but it was mushed into the box like it was closing time. I tried to “fluff” it up as much as I can but I am more than disappointed. It is a terrible smoke; cant get the consistency right. The effect is very good! It ALMOST offset the aggravation I feel trying to prepare it for anything. Might make cookies, stay posted!

  209. Judd

    Nice big buds….great energy boost for daytime.

  210. alis

    Not as great as it sounds in the comment section, just saying.

  211. Kenz

    The first time I got this I loved it. Second time, I did not. Extremely stemmy, burns unevenly, taste isn’t anywhere near as good as the first time I got it. I’m not real happy with this stuff.

  212. john

    Came as a GIANT bud, good smel, good taste. Very good bang for your buck

  213. Robe

    Wayyy better than the last time I ordered, fluffy but if u dry it just a little the buds are rock hard and have a lot of substance. Nice Sativa for cheap.

  214. shaw

    Very nice buzz

  215. dyla

    great burn great high

  216. Bass

    Great feeling, wide awake and able to get stuff done. Does provide a bidy buzz though….nothing to crazy.

  217. gala

    Great day time smoke, gave me more of a body high than expected. I would recommend this to anyone.

  218. too4

    Mine came today and smoke a bowl right away. It’s very leafy with a lot of hair .and a bit sticky. Great smell and burn. Light daytime weed in my opinion.Great for first time users.

  219. BigJ

    Good smoke, good taste. All around, above average flower. Would order again. Cant beat the price.

  220. call

    a good smoke for the right price

  221. Spog

    excellent stuff for the price!

  222. Anto

    I appreciate this strain, really good deal at this price!

  223. coha

    The buds are great, nice and big and full. Burnt nice and clean , and the taste was decent. It was also decently trimmed. The potency is very nice as well and has a nice initial impact and lasting effects.

  224. Eizn

    Great stuff. Really big buds and busted up very fluffy. Had some issues getting it to smoke evenly without a filter but not a big issue.

  225. Cann

    Big buds, great smoke and a buzz that’s confused but energized

  226. Lude

    Most definitely would buy again.

  227. Chan

    Not bad for the price of Mr.Jack Herer . Burned good for me !

  228. Mall

    Good smoke, good high… had lots of work to do and got it done!!
    Not my first choice, but it wasn’t bad!

  229. Jenn

    Good bud, cuts up nice. Has a little different taste to it, wasn’t bad, just different. Gave you the buzz you were looking for 😉

  230. yoke

    Good weed, burns really well and gives you an uplifting high

  231. Mj82

    Good clean smoke, gave me energy and clarity.

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