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Ice Wreck Smalls

(9 customer reviews)

$7.00 / gram

  • Brand: Friendly Flower Co.

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The Ice Wreck Smalls provides an intense brain and a deep body high. The name of this strain is powerful but so is its potency effects. The effects of Ice Wreck are taking effect pretty quick, sometimes even before you are done coughing. You will enter in a relaxed state of mind that is effective for analytic related work or general ideation brainstorm. After a while, it will bring you a light energy that will help you accomplish errands or other simple tasks. This strain will keep you in your own head so it might be a little frightening for first time smokers, pace yourself. 



The Ice Wreck strain is a potent indica leaning hybrid. It is a cross of “Ice” and “Trainwreck” and it is known for its potent relaxed deep body effects now distributed by Greenz.  



The Ice Wreck strain offers a gassy / earthy nose smell and  It has a menthol flavor that will refresh your throat . After smoking it, you might feel an aftertaste of ammonia. You will also get a nice burn with a focused and incredibly relaxing high.



You will have a feeling of euphoria coming from the start. This bud will make you smile and improve your mood. Happy and energetic is the first wave of the Ice Wreck strain. 

After an hour or two, you will feel a ticklish pressure that will come down from your temple. It will go through your whole body until you are completely submerge by the comfortable numbness. 

Once you are there, you might want to relax on the couch. A lot of people experience intense sleepiness and they have a great night of sleep out of this strain.



The Ice Wreck strain is mainly used to treat problems related to depression, stress, pain, insomnia and lack of appetite.


Friendly Flower Co. Ice Wreck Smalls, smaller sized deep green nugs with vibrant orange hairs. The Ice Wreck strain is usually a small to medium bud that announces the strain’s potency. The buds will cling together in a clustered formation in a spherical shape. They have a solid and dense structure that is associated with indica strains.


9 reviews for Ice Wreck Smalls

  1. Lord

    Respectable effects but i found this quite Small and very bland.

  2. iron

    a very good buzz ,burn well, smells great,great price will get again

  3. cbat

    Really strong buzz! Really good

  4. ric

    Very strong, especially for the price.

  5. Jame

    Excellent smoke, surprised it was as potent as it was

  6. LD

    Potent for sure! I get a great burst of energy from Ice Wreck. Will definitely repurchase.

  7. newf

    Just got and WOW…would buy again for sure…very nice and potent for a very good price

  8. oldm

    Would by again 🙂

  9. bal0

    Very strong and cheap price

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