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Green Crack

(34 customer reviews)

$10.00 / gram
$220.00 / 28 grams

  • Brand: Yaletown Flower Co.

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Experience: Green Crack is a potent energy and focus inducer of the sativa dominant hybrid family. The fruity and tangy flavours recall the juiciness of mango, with a kick of mental buzz. Enjoy this “pick me up” during daytime and say goodbye to fatigue.

Roots: This sativa dominant hybrid by Yaletown Flower Co. is a potent descendant of Skunk #1 and an isolated Afghani cut.

Aroma: Fruit, citrus, mango with earthy notes.

Elevation: Enjoy the psychoactive effects of an uplifted state of mind and an energetic body buzz.

Use: Depression, fatigue, stress, pain and headache.

Structure: Despite its sativa dominant elevation, Green Crack buds present a dense indica structure that is generally small and clustered with deep green and yellow tones and rust coloured pistils. These nugs have good dusting of crystal and a classic green crack nose with a good burn.

34 reviews for Green Crack

  1. Marm

    Good stuff!! Well worth it.

  2. kcot


  3. Diam

    A little to earthy for me but the buzz was there

  4. bal0

    Got as a sample. Perfect smoke for day time

  5. Ben

    The buds are lime green, pretty good dusting of crystal, very nice taste and clean burn. Very well cured and manicured. This is some excellent flower and will not hesitate to buy this strain again, great functionable buzz for daytime.

  6. User

    Great strain. Lively, then sleepy

  7. Trev

    Got this as a sample with my order, some stinky stuff! Nice clean tasty smoke, would recommend!

  8. land

    decent taste, smell.buds were a bit loose and dry

  9. Pri

    Good classic strain. A bit dry

  10. AKAK

    Has a great smooth taste that u will keep wanting more. The high is great and the smell and flavour r nice as well

  11. Aida

    The best green crack I have tasted

  12. josh

    Big buds. decent flavour and scent. good for daytime.

  13. ema7

    Nice smelling and tasting. Enjoyed this bud a lot. Highly recommend this buds for you!

  14. Dlk9

    Got this as a sample. Super caked bud with a good classic GC nose, good burn. A bit leafy though. Would have been a 5* otherwise.

  15. tgun

    got a good price, awesome daytime smoke

  16. Mela

    Good strain. Found it a little mild but smoking more would fix that!

  17. Ciga

    Green Crack is definitely one of the better quality priced buds. Would order again for sure!

  18. jsin

    One of my favourite strains

  19. Chro

    Beautifully manicured buds with a lot of crystal and a killer scent! great morning and daytime smoke that will get you up and moving, will def buy again. mixes well with others.

  20. Bobb

    Good smoke worth the price if you buy bulk. Arrived and wasn’t dried out.

  21. TSTS

    I like the great flower just awesome

  22. tamm

    I personally found this mild, but that could just be I have a higher tolerance but I would buy again.

  23. ema7

    I received a sample of this with my last order. Good smoke. Nice tatse. Great pain reliever.

  24. Stev

    Just ordered a oz of this! Got a free sample of it awhile back and wow!

  25. henr

    My fave so far!

  26. hopp

    Jus finished my sample with my girl, nice smoke with good taste and burn, it gave me a nice high for a birthday party. Definitely will be ordering this strain

  27. thun

    was a decent strain but wasnt happy when i seen seeds in it, got 3-4 seeds from 2g… cant be letting your plants pollinate

  28. Conc

    If your looking for a nice morning strain to get you on your feet but not set you back on the couch this could be the one your searching for. The buds were big and beautiful, burned nice white smoke. The effects were fairly mild but still enough to feel relaxed for sure. Overall I would recommend trying. I also have the new batch coming in today and I can’t wait to try it!

  29. shittywaffle

    These buds came in dry, but the smoke was pretty good. Makes me active and alert. I actually regret not buying the new batch because they probably would have been even more amazing.

  30. Chris

    Great price the buds are beautiful and dense sticky and the high is good too motivating and uplifting but still able to function day to day work makes me feel happier than I normally do great strain and buds recommend it not the strongest high but gets you where you wanna be thanks Greenz

  31. Gregory

    My favourtie Green Crack that I have had to date! Loved it and was so happy that my friend let me try this strain as it is killer and I will be adding some to my next order for sure!

  32. Lynda

    Incredible pain relief. Went from a 9 to a 4 after first joint. Clean taste and white ash. Smooth on the inhale.

  33. maddoctah

    Just ordered an ounce of this and it’s definitely worth more than the price. All nice well cured/ trimmed buds. Burns very white. Has a nice kush smell and tastes amazing. Effects are not overwhelming like most kush out there, Definitely one of the better quality priced buds that you can find. Would order again for sure!

  34. ryanhannon18

    great flower! the price is awesome for how nice the flower looks and smokes. i got an ounce of this and i couldnt be happier. Definetly orderig this again!

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