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Gorilla Bomb

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  • Brand: Friendly Flower Co.

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Gorilla Bomb is the bomb for a reason within the cannabis community. A cross between THC Bomb and Gorilla Glue, this cannabis strain measures THC levels that easily go beyond 25%. Because of its potency, Gorilla Bomb is best suited for experienced marijuana users. Containing about 60% Sativa and 40% Indica, this bud can be consumed throughout the day to boost your mood, stimulate your mind, and soothe your body.



  • THC levels above 25%
  • Sativa strain
  • Great for pain and stress
  • Uplifting effects
  • Sweet and sour taste
  • Afternoon use


Effects and Benefits


Gorilla Bomb is a highly potent Sativa strain that acts fast in offering an explosion of euphoria and a boost in your mood. Because of its uplifting properties, this strain can be very helpful when stress, tension, or even depression show up trying to complicate your day.


This marijuana plant is oftentimes used to treat a myriad of medical ailments, including depression and anxiety. Many individuals suffering from PTSD have also found the effects of Gorilla Bomb very helpful in keeping positivity in their thoughts and overall state.


Gorilla Bomb carries impressive pain-relieving properties as well which can help with pain, such as muscle cramps, headaches, joint pain, and much more. Because its THC levels can be higher than 30%, the effects of this strain can be quite powerful. Its sedative and relaxing properties can cause many users to step into a couch-lock effect, so you might want to consume this bud on your day off or after work hours.


Sweet and Sour


The taste and aroma profile of Gorilla Bomb can be described as sweet and sour with notes of slightly pungent citrus. Its enjoyable taste can make you easily forget about just how powerful this strain is and the heavy punches it can deliver so make sure you go slow with it.


This marijuana plant features a sharp look as well. Gorilla Bomb is known for its fluffy and small buds that showcase a dark green colour contrasted by burnt orange hairs that elegantly twist their way through the leaves. The whole plant is covered with a thick layer of trichomes that goes to show the staggering potency of Gorilla Bomb.


This cannabis strain is best suited for experienced users and even so, going slow with its use is highly recommended.

1 review for Gorilla Bomb

  1. Yzer

    Got 7 grams of Gorilloa Bomb on my last order. The nugs are dense and look amazing. The smell is fantastic but unfortunately not a lot of flavour comes through even with my vape. My batch isn’t nearly as potent as its made out to be.

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