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Girl Scout Cookies

(37 customer reviews)

$11.00 / gram
$240.00 / 28 grams

  • Brand: Yaletown Flower Co.

48 g in stock

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Girl Scout Cookies strain THC 16-22%


Girl Scout Cookies is an indica leaning hybrid that delivers potent and fast acting effects starting off with a quick blast of happy and euphoric feelings that taper to deep relaxation.


Pungent classic sweet cookies nose with hints of citrus and pepper.


Delivers strong fast acting effects that start off fairly quickly with a happy and uplifting euphoric feeling followed by relaxation and even drowsiness for some.


An indica leaning hybrid cross of OG kush and Durban Poison.


Pain, stress, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.


Medium sized dense sticky light green buds caked in crystal with hints of purple and sparse red hairs throughout. This batch has a nice clean slow burn.

37 reviews for Girl Scout Cookies

  1. Diam

    Nice dense buds, good buzz.

  2. josh

    nice dense buds with good flavour!!

  3. Pope

    Great Tasting and smooth !! A bit of a “Sneaker Buzz”

  4. Jigk

    Decent batch can’t complain I did think it could have tasted better but wasn’t terrible

  5. Pri

    great taste and relaxing. Really good.

  6. josh

    nice batch this time! medium dense buds. really nice effects from this.

  7. josh

    i found this batch to be pretty average. not much smell or taste. the buds could be tighter. not bad!

  8. Brod

    its the bee’s knee’s

  9. bal0

    Got it before beautiful strain

  10. Moos

    Full stars! Looks, tastes, and smells amazing. Good high that starts off heady and settles into the body

  11. JZ28

    Pretty solid. Actually tastes like girl scout cookies the couch lock is good for an afternoon of movies and video games, but this is best suited for an after dinner smoke.

  12. josh

    the buds i got look better than the picture. nice dense tasty buds!!

  13. Lord

    The one i got had the crazyest color ever, especially for GSC! Boomin purples and oranges, bit of green and tons of cakeing! Fantastic taste, look, smell. Strong but i expected more. And a weak yield for rosin. Recommended as a treat!

  14. Alin

    Really amazing uplifting high. Would definitely get this again. Thanks Greenz! <3

  15. josh

    i was hoping for a more intense smell. but it’s very quality buds. dense little nugs with lots of crystals.

  16. GinG

    Oonly 4 stars cause I ate an entire box of cookies when I smoked this

  17. Jame

    Good smoke. Girl Scout never disappoints

  18. sanc

    Love it. Should had order more

  19. BenB

    Very good weed

  20. Pat

    Amazing batch this time! Definitely get this when ever I see it!!

  21. Cowb

    I got a sample of this and phew was it ever good this is definitely priced accordingly and worth it!

  22. West

    I love this strain. Looks great tastes even better. Extremely dense nugs. Great burn and awesome buzz. A little expensive but worth it.

  23. just

    What can ya say when it comes to GSC? This was a really nice smoke. I got a nice 3g nug in my order and it was frosty with hints of purple throughout. Nice lookin popcorn buds on the nug too. I would definitely order this strain again!

  24. alex

    Not bad at all Good nose clean burn ..great daytimer

  25. Northstar

    Really dense solid nugs that break up huge! Very minimal smell or taste compared to other Cookies I’ve had but it’s reflective of the price. Great buds to smoke anytime; love the body buzz and uplifting head high!

  26. bigsnaps

    Great price for what you are getting..super smooth smoke and an easy onset.. this is my favorite hybrid because its an “anytime” strain for me. The great balance from this strain is great whether you’re being active or looking to relax. This batch did not have a strong smell or taste but it was still very pleasant, smooth smoke, buds were tight but a little to crispy.. but I hope to see this kind of batch or similar again at that value though!

  27. Rossta

    amazing gsc for the price very good day time smoke super dense buds classic gsc smell and super smooth smoke. Very happy with this gsc!

  28. Tai

    Extremely happy! I think I found my new favorite everyday bud. Dense Nugs and the overall quality of this batch is top notch. For the price, I have to say this is the best value I have ever experienced and I wish I ordered more than the oz. I got. Plus the experience of using this website was amazing as usual as I received my order in 2 days.

  29. James

    Very happy with this GSC. Nugs aren’t huge but are very dense and bust up nicely. My daily smoke. This is an amazing value for the price. I get an OZ every two weeks.

  30. DCluney

    Nice smell, small but super dense buds. Great to relax after a days work. Would buy again.

  31. Moore

    I waited for months to try this strain thank you greenz for coming through. If you haven’t tried this yet you must it’s a great smoke with a great taste .

  32. Kmatheson

    Honestly some of the best Girl Scout I’ve tried! One of my favorites!

  33. mattbeaton

    Why is this so inexpensive? Awesome gsc !!! I always like to try gsc wherever I go everyone seems to have a version and damn near no 2 are the same. I found this made me smile, usually gsc has above average cbd content and I belive this follows that trend . Don’t let the lower price tag fool you this is a higher quality gsc

  34. edward

    GSC is a favourite strain of mine, ive had it from a few high end places for around this price, but this stuff is on a different level. the comment above refering to the buds as “wispy” could not be further from the truth for this new batch. these buds are pretty dence and look crazy. full of kief with that clasic gsc stink. this excedes my expectations for this price range. i wouldnt hesitate to recommend this to anyone who is looking to try gsc for the first time, or for a lover of gsc looking to try the strain again.

  35. James

    Excellent smoke. Gives a great high and at a great price. Must buy

  36. Rm121

    Great flower for relaxation and pain relief. My favourite for treating muscle soreness after an active day.

  37. JordCorner

    Not too bad. A little wispy/leafy but besides that it’s a decent product. Strong nose. Mild effects.

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