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Gelato Smalls

(84 customer reviews)

$11.00 / gram

  • Brand: Yaletown Flower Co.

Out of stock


      • YTFC Gelato Smalls, small with the odd larger lighter green colorful nugs with lots of crystal and a fruity / cookies / earthy nose and good burn.

Gelato is a potent hybrid cross of sunset sherbert and girl scout cookies and is well known for its sweet nose and flavor and potent effects that are best suited for treating stress, depression, pain, insomnia and lack of appetite


Range (gram)Price ($/gram)
0+ gram$11.00 / gram

84 reviews for Gelato Smalls

  1. Lord

    Bought yet again! One of the batch was real beastly though, so five stars now!

  2. Lord

    This batch was tighter/more cacked and looked nice, but since it wasn’t as fresh it lacked 80% of the taste and smell sadly…

  3. Lord

    A bit leafy but for the price smell and taste are on point, very fresh. Could be stronger though…

  4. Ben

    Little leafier and lighter than pictures lead on, but the smell and taste make up for it huge. I have never smelled such an aromatic strain before, I will definitely be ordering another large amount of this when it’s back in stock.

  5. oldm

    taste good but not strong enough for me.

  6. Diam

    Always a fan of any Gelato! I will buy it again and again! Well worth the money on these smalls.

  7. ric

    Decent sized, nice looking buds. Not as strong as the last batch but still decent, especially for the price.

  8. Chri


  9. Ben

    This burned and tasted really nice. Had a good buzz that I was able to function on. Great for the price.

  10. iron

    good smell buzz last long great price

  11. radg

    Had a great time smoking this over the past month. Great price too!

  12. Lolu

    Stronger than expected

  13. Greg

    Love this for the day and at $5/g this is a deal you dont want to miss

  14. Will

    Great for getting to sleep at night have had two times and one was crazy strong the other was solid

  15. asht

    always a great choice. found this batch a bit leafy

  16. pkos

    Perfect daytime buzz, nice blend of functionality and fuzziness. Smaller buds, some were beautifully manicured. Ordered Blackberry Pink and Gelato. Of the 3 this was probably the least potent, but still very much enjoyable.

  17. dies

    Great price for a really nice high. Would buy again

  18. Serg

    Solid buzz

  19. John

    This batch is fresh, sticky, and has a great Gelato nose! Incredible value at this price

  20. janr

    Very good for day time. Wont burn you out but puts you in a good mood. Bought when the smalls were on sale.

  21. cbat

    Amazing stuff! Great high!

  22. Boba

    Love this one! Great product for the price

  23. josh

    not nearly as good as the regular size Gelato. not much of the gas/fuel smell i was hoping for. a little bit of stems going on as well. good price.

  24. Skyc

    Very decent

  25. Anto

    Smalls but really good smelling and the buzz is nice! Good price!

  26. fufu

    Not too happy with this batch of Gelato. The previous times I bought it it was very sticky and slow burning, this batch is very dry and burns fast. Tastes nice but turns to powder when ground. Do not recommend.

  27. LouD

    Great price for smalls and decent sized buds. Very tasty. Decent daytime buzz

  28. Wmok

    I was pleasantly surprised how delicous this weed tasted. Will buy again.

  29. Perc

    Nice bud. Great price. Nice buzz

  30. caro

    Smells good in the bag, tastes great in the vaporizer, and solid effects with the Gelato smalls. Good sticky stuff!

  31. Wmok

    Found this strain to be a great day time high.

  32. kat

    Nice and frosty, small nugs but that’s what you pay for

  33. Grym

    Love it! Great creative buzz on this one! Nice tight small nugs, great taste and decent burn. I recommend

  34. Anto

    Small buds but very good price! Good strain!

  35. Diam

    So glad I grabbed more before it was all gone. Well worth the money. Buds are small but do the trick !

  36. Diam

    Gelato will always be my favorite rather it be smalls or not. Yes there was a few seeds but for the price you can’t complain! Will buy again and again!

  37. bal0

    Good for the price

  38. fufu

    This is the third time I bought this strain and it never disappoints. Sticky and very tasty, and an amazing deal on sale.

  39. tony

    Good smoke

  40. Isla

    Excellent value!

  41. amcc

    Typically a good buy however the last order I got was not like the picture. All the nugs varied in color from light to really dark. Found a ton of seeds and was a harsh smoke. Not the best I’ve received from Greenz.

  42. Race

    Awesome buds for the price! Have ordered multiple times and very happy! Best deal in a long time!!

  43. Jame

    Small buds as expected, good high, happy customer

  44. Mike

    Tights small buds, definitely worth the price!

  45. AKAK

    Has a good smell and a good burn. Has a slight bit of gas but not too much but gets a good buzz. A bit leafy as well

  46. Aida

    Great burn but tiny nugs

  47. Gerr

    Talk about good things in small packages. These Gelato small buds pack a strong, fertile high.

  48. Bouw

    This is the first bad rating I have posted. Usually I know what I am getting by the price. Unfortunately I was mind fucked by the picture. Mine looked nothing like this. There were no crystals…it was all leaf and stem. Complete junk.

  49. Perc

    Good taste. A bit harsh on throat. Great buzz

  50. jack

    good for the price,since new look this is best price

  51. Henr

    Ok, nothing to write home about.

  52. Ajfi

    Great for the price

  53. RzaR

    For the price…you cant go wrong…I love the gelato strain and I would always purchase whenever I see it around.

  54. panc

    Very good taste!! Very clean burn!!

  55. Serg

    Great high, very light not overwhelming, awesome bang for your buck, I order all the time and I really enjoy this strain

  56. fufu

    Great batch, and a great deal on sale. Very sticky, neopolitan icecream smell, burns slowly, mild on the throat, strong high.

  57. GvGv

    Very good

  58. Dlk9

    Ok so I understand that the description says “a bit of leaf”, but on the 32gs I ordered, 4.9gs was leaf. 15% of the order… This makes me a little but disappointed. But, once trimmed, there is no doubt the flower is GREAT. Super sticky, good nose… But yeah, just too much leaf. I would have put a5*, but for the above reason I’m giving it 3.

  59. John

    Very solid indica leaning gelato. Big sherbert, sweet piney kush nose and a nice smoke.

  60. Mucu

    Not my favourite bud but still nice buzz and pretty nice smell and the value you get for Smalls at the price is too good to pass up especially on a hype strain like this

  61. Alic

    Good mild buzz and great price!

  62. SkyV

    A strong indica like you do like

  63. CD

    Good price, great service and great bud.

  64. Diam

    Gelato being one of my favorites, I bought the smalls to give it a try and was very impressed.
    You can’t beat the price .

  65. acre

    Good times to be had. The price is great and the high left me feeling artistic and creative

  66. Jame

    Solid high. Good price.

  67. Bril

    Wanted to try this strain for a longtime, really good, and don’t feel tired afterwards.

  68. lcun

    One of my new favourites. Taste was great, strength is great and it burns fantastic. Great job!!

  69. CD

    great stuff..thx Greenz.

  70. tgun

    good high, taste isn’t there tho

  71. maxt

    Good bang for your buck for sure this batch was on point

  72. Gyal

    Not a huge fan of the taste but other wise it’s ok

  73. Lord

    This is one smooth and lovely Gelato, wether in regular, smalls, keif or even rosin. Very cool batch, complete steal at the smalls price…

  74. jsin

    Love this stuff!

  75. jenn

    Great price and great flower, definitely not disappointed. My only complaint is you can smell it through my smelly proof bag lol

  76. Balo

    Just as good as the reg gelato. Great taste and high.

  77. incu

    4/5 Taste, Buzz 5/5, Kief quantity 5/5. Happy mood

  78. Jame

    Good stuff, light taste

  79. Jo

    Nice smell and colour. Good for the price

  80. Sara

    Not really a fan of the taste and I didnt really get much of a buzz out of it.

  81. Mart

    Very good gelato here. Taste, smell and smoke perfect.

  82. Anto

    Great hybrid, good buzz, nice price!

  83. Samu

    At that price you can’t go wrong, especialy with a nice strain like that. Awesome, would buy more.

  84. KatK

    Great stuff!!! Will absolutely buy again!!!

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