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Gassy Rockstar Smalls

(25 customer reviews)

$11.00 / gram $5.00 / gram

  • Brand: Friendly Flower Co.

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    • Friendly Flower Co. Gassy Rockstar smalls, Smaller sized medium green fresh sticky nugs caked in crystal with a sweet / gassy Rockstar nose and a nice slow burn.

        • Rockstar is a potent Indica dominant hybrid of Rockbud and Sensi Star known for its powerful relaxing and happy medicinal effects best suited for treating stress, pain, depression headache and insomnia.


Range (gram)Price ($/gram)
0+ gram$11.00 / gram $5.00 / gram

25 reviews for Gassy Rockstar Smalls

  1. jsky

    This was awesome bud for the price. Danny potent skunk. Burns well great high.

  2. Ryan

    Decent value for the price, taste and smell were just okay, buzz was there – like others have said buds very small and shakey as I’ve found with many FFC smalls

  3. Luc

    The smallest buds I’ve ever seen but very good smoke.

  4. Lolu

    Kept me relaxed 🤞

  5. heat

    EXCELLENT strain! Smells great, burns well in a joint or bowl. Leaves you feeling happy with a nice burst of energy. Awesome stuff for such a low price!

  6. dies

    Good for price. Nice Smalls. One of my favs

  7. iron

    great buzz smooth taste price is right

  8. Corb

    Great for night time ! no qualms with Rockstar smalls !!

  9. dies

    Great stress relief. Sticky bud sweet smell nice high

  10. ric

    Burns smooth, decent sized nuggets, great for the price.

  11. oldm

    Great weed great price Thanks

  12. cbat

    Really, really good for the price

  13. Greg

    great for the night time and getting me some zzz’s

  14. Jd42

    This stuff has such a great taste and smell really good smoke I will definitely buy this again and they gave me a bag of candy for free

  15. Shel

    Decent rockstar, not very gassy, but burns nice and is good for the price.

  16. Ben

    The strain and quality are top notch, I have absolutely no second thoughts about buying the smalls from Greenz because it’s literally all bud, there’s no shake, just little nugs that fit easily into a grinder. Kushy earthy taste, buds were caked in crystals.

  17. dies

    Breaks up good and smells great. Nice bud for nighttime high

  18. Alex

    Wow 5/5 the taste issss so good

  19. Jame

    Great high, rockstar at this price is a must buy

  20. GinG

    I was the rock star described in the movie A star is Born! Delicious mind filling smell and taste

  21. rlaj

    Super gassy, good rockstar kush. Energetic and euphoric high.

  22. Bouw

    Tiny buds. Good smoke though!

  23. Jazz

    There really small micro nugs but worth the price I recon

  24. Mart

    Ultra Gassy Rockstar here !!
    Very good strain.
    Absolute FIRE !!

  25. asur

    Pretty strong tasting and very good smelling was pretty great would reccomend for peeps who like rockstar

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