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Quad MK Ultra

(18 customer reviews)

$13.00 / gram - $275.00 / 28 grams $11.43 / gram
$230.00 / 28 grams

  • Brand: Yaletown Flower Co.

Out of stock


Quad: A great batch of MK Ultra from our farm on the island, expect fresh medium-sized colourful nugs caked in crystal.

Experience: A good clean resinous burn induces deep relaxation and hypnotic effects in this award-winning indica dominant strain. Effects come on quickly and cause the eyelids to feel heavy, making it the ideal nighttime smoke.

Roots: Yaletown Flower Co., brings us this potent inidica dominant cross between OG Kush and G-13.

Aroma: Pungent citrus, gas, and kush aroma.

Elevation: With moderate THC levels of up to 18%, MK Ultra’s fast-acting effects will have you sinking into the couch to enjoy its happy hypnotic effects. The ideal sleep aid, you won’t have a choice but to succumb to complete relaxation when you enjoy this strain.

Use: Insomnia, stress, depression, lack of appetite.

Structure: Sticky, colourful nugs caked with crystal.


18 reviews for Quad MK Ultra

  1. josh

    pretty good. i’ve had better strains from Greenz for less $. a nice gassy flavour. pretty strong effects.

  2. RzaR

    Great stain! great taste! Burns nice! Highly recommended

  3. Lord

    Good MK, a bit average and could be gassier. Way overpriced though…The nicest bud in my Oz was not even as nice as the one shown…

  4. Chri


  5. wend

    Very great product and would live to get more. Would recommend it to everyone

  6. Corb

    MK Ultra is my go to strain…. whenever I see it for sale I grab some…. you should too !

  7. Blon

    Great weed will buy more!!

  8. Gyal

    Did not notice that it was twice as good as the me ultra I paid $5 g for. Decent tho, can’t really got wrong with this strain

  9. King

    If this is sold out it’s for a reason

    It’s mighty incredible!!!

    And if it’s available for purchase, even if it’s pricey, it is well damn worth every single penny

    I approve of this strain with my eyes closed

    Buy it if you can

  10. chuc

    Super gassy taste and smell burnt to super bright white ash will get again for sure

  11. JEO

    I’m giving it a 5 star since the MK Ultra always delivers a great punch. Only thing I found with this one is there isn’t a difference in this strain than the ones just named MK ultra. Overall though still very happy with the product.

  12. Jroc

    My favorite one on the list right now

  13. Doji

    Pretty good stuff. Burns well and isn’t totally dry.

  14. DCluney

    Nice earthy piney gassy smell, could smell it as soon as I broke that vacuum seal. Hard hitting high, can’t wait for it to get back in stock.

  15. Rossta

    Love this stuff grabbed an o on my last order good day time smoke very potent dankkks a bit smaller sized buds but either then that no complaints. Everyone I smoked loved this stuff and was very happy with the quality for the price thanks a lot greenz!

  16. Scott

    This stuff is bomb!! Straight up sticky and strong! Loving the smell, the taste and the high. It’s definitely some AAAA+++ bud and I’m glad I got my hands on some!! Thanks again Greenz for another outstanding order with some true chron!


  17. JoshO

    Very good mk. Not the best mk I have smoked but it’s in the top 3 for sure. Was very happy with everything about it except that it was a bit dry. Good for pain relief and very relaxing.

    • GreenzTeamGuy

      adding a boveda to the jar now !! Thanks for the heads up.

  18. JordCorner

    Gassy indeed! Smells beautiful, looks great. A little dry but nothing a Boveda can’t save. Very strong couch lock effects, even provided me with some pain relief which is uncommon for anything that isn’t a concentrate.

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