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Pink Kush

(130 customer reviews)

$10.00 / gram $6.00 / gram

  • Brand: Friendly Flower Co.

Out of stock


Pink Kush strain THC 16-22%

***We found a few bags of pink in the office this one is a bit older and priced accordingly.***


Enjoy the relaxation and giggles of this indica dominant hybrid with a body-focused experience. The sweet delicate aromas of pink kush come with a strong high that never ceases to amaze cannabis enthusiasts. Definitely a strain for those looking for body relaxation, or pleasant and delicate aromas.


Pungent earthy Kush nose.


Pink Kush delivers a powerful high, so take it easy. But be sure your kitchen is stocked as the munchies settle in.


With deep roots in Canada and the Pacific Northwest, this Pink Kush by Friendly Flower Co. is an indica that resulted from genetically stabilized OG Kush.


Pain, stress, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.


Green nugs with pink pistils and a splash of trichomes that resemble the sugar found on candy.


Range (gram)Price ($/gram)
0+ gram$10.00 / gram $6.00 / gram

130 reviews for Pink Kush

  1. oldm

    it ‘s good but not great

  2. just

    I ordered this thinking it was normal sized buds. What I got was bottom of the bag smalls and shake. Therefore it was dry, harsh and not the best smoking experience. If I wanted smalls I would have ordered smalls…

  3. fufu

    Decent strain/batch but overpriced and not as good as I’ve had on previous orders. A bit dry and the scent and taste were underwhelming, but a solid high.

  4. Jamm

    Second time ordering this strain. Must say it got an extra start this time. Mich better taste and burn

  5. jsky

    Always a staple weed. thanks for keeping my favourite strains in stock. was fortunate to get the 20% discount on 420!

  6. GHGr

    Classic pink smell and a bit sticky. Got me quite baked. The batch I tried burned salt and peppery but taste wasn’t bad. All the buds were smalls but Greenz is great and added a bit more to my order. Cheers 🙂

  7. Serg

    Premium! One of my favourites, would definitely order again!

  8. JayJ

    You really can never go wrong with Pink Kush. Purchased an ounce of this and was more than satisfied. Big fat buds, sticky, and the strong Kush nose. Potency is good, and so was the price!

  9. dies

    Great high… one of my favs

  10. Dyl

    This product for me was so so. A friend really likes it so I guess it all comes down to what a person likes in weed. For me the price was a bit high for the product but for some it might be what they want.

  11. cbat

    Very potent stuff. One of my favourites A++

  12. Wood

    I never get tired of this kush. Great taste and smoke. I got a batch of the Smalls at $5/g and the nugs were still really nice looking. Will be keeping this as one of my staples.

  13. Mela

    Such a strong high and couch lock. Loved it!

  14. Wmok

    One of my favorite strains but man is it dense. Nice batch.

  15. XX

    Good day time indica

  16. maxt

    Can’t go wrong at this price nice taste and smell

  17. john

    Very crystally good size buds! Def would buy again

  18. NyJe

    Sold out after I ordered it

  19. newf

    just got an oz of this and mixed feelings for it…it gives a great buzz but seemed to be smalls and very dry…which caused a bit of harshness and major coughing…

  20. Ninj

    Ive been puffing on this for over a month, its good and smells fantastic

  21. nell

    I fuck with it

  22. Mick

    Very smooth , i love it

  23. Bobb

    Nice stuff

  24. Mart

    Wow this Pink kush is amazing. Glad I could stock up. This is definitely sitting on top of my list with Death Bubba. Very good taste, like the description says.

  25. Thek

    I ordered this stuff for my first time ordering bud from you guys and I have to say this stuff is nice and fresh

  26. coop

    This strain is amazing and if I said it wasn’t it would only be because nobody would buy it and I can buy it all myself lol.Nice tasty sweet sticky buds is what good weed is all about.100% happy with it and you would be too. 🙂 good product and good service wow.Highly recommended Greenz

  27. Anto

    One of my best indica strain! Taste so good! 😁

  28. dyla

    love this kush, never sick of it

  29. Tris

    Good taste and nice buzz. Great for relaxing in the evening!

  30. sydd

    Strong smelling, potent when smoked, loved this would definitely buy again!

  31. Wood

    Great smoke and taste with longer lasting effects 🙂
    How about that price?

  32. Patm

    Excellent value. Quite pungent but nice scent

  33. Chri

    lil scraggly but the smoke was good, classic pink kush feel. good bang for your buck

  34. Herb

    Totally satisfied with my order of Pink Kush, it was delivered in a timely manner while Can-Post is working, would definitely recommend & re-order!

  35. Alex

    Another great batch of pink kush 5/5

  36. tige

    Great 👍🏼 enjoyed the high

  37. Sean

    Great taste and smell.

  38. Spog

    This had almost hardly no smell while in the jar and the buzz is great. Good smoke!!!

  39. nerc

    Delish budz!

  40. Gthe

    Incredibly fragrant. Really enjoyable strain. Highly recommend for anyone that enjoys a good Indica

  41. cbat

    Amazing. Packs a serious punch. Starts of slow and then hits you out of nowhere. Really helps you to relax and sleep. A+

  42. katr

    Wish I ordered more ! Great indica for this price

  43. MrKa

    One of my favorite strains by far! For me, almost kindred.

  44. greg

    AAAHHHH….just read the reviews baby !!!!!!!!! Good smoke for a great price !!

  45. Trev

    Great batch right here. The buds were so sticky i could tap my grinder lid for days

  46. stri

    I had to order this again, super dense buds. Been using Pink Kush for years. Perfect strain for me.

  47. theh

    I’m a fan of most pink strains,and this was no exception,good bud,easy burn,will order, again,an , again

  48. Spac

    I really liked this one got me really high. Was not expecting it at that great price!

  49. goul

    i love it .. it taste good give a great buzz .. the only thing is you need to smoke a little bit more to have a buzz but for the price you cant go wrong

  50. Mart

    Very nice Pink kush at this price. Verry happy with what I got. Exactly has described. I would definitly buy it again.

  51. jami

    The kush”s are always a fan favorite, tasty with a punch.

  52. Gism

    Was as expected would recommend great price

  53. sanc

    Good value at 6 bucks a g. Taste good. Nice buzz

  54. greg

    Excellent bud !!!!! I always get a few g’s of this with every order !

  55. stri

    Pink Kush is one of my favorite strains.

  56. Peac

    Super dense buds. Good for muscle pain

  57. Gyal

    Really liked this one, smells good tastes good, buds look nice. I’ve had pink Kush from a different site that I order from but this strain was better, the high was better.

  58. Jord

    A wonderful daytime kush. Relaxed, droopy eyes, but not dysfunctional. $5/gram appropriately priced. I will continue to buy at that price point.

  59. Nail

    Straight greasy fire.

  60. fufu

    good taste, very sticky

  61. Jenn

    Really like the taste. A little sticky but cuts up nice. Really good high. Best kush so far I’ve had in a long time. Will buy again for sure.

  62. Broo

    Hi guys got some of this pink not bad at all for the price just as stated in other reviews looks just as shown in pic not dry so that’s cool I would buy it again nice high thanks Greenz

  63. Trev

    great product great price! Can’t go wrong!!

  64. Sanj

    This strain is great!! Great to relax and helps with pain! And ya can’t beat this price! Thanks again Mr. Greenz!

  65. bust

    excellent product helps relax and kills the old aches and pains

  66. devo

    Huge, frosty nuggets. A nice relaxing and deep high. I’d recommend smoking at night or if you’re just kickin it.. <3

  67. Cann

    Premium bud at a not so premium price . AWESOME!

  68. jwea

    great product great price

  69. Geso

    Ahhh! Why didn’t I order more!!?? Now it’s sold out (I guess so eh, at that price…), but man this is nice smoke. Has a fruity almost “grapy” finish and quite the kick. Buds are marbled with pink & purple & dark tones. Comparable to more expensive flowers. Love it; hope Greenz getz more!!

  70. Dagg

    I enjoy this the most. Multiple orders! Always get more when it’s available!!!

  71. lunn

    Very nice smoke, Very nice buds

  72. Mela

    Great smoke and quality for such an amazing price. Can’t wait to order more

  73. theh

    5 a gram,is amazing for a great strain,pink Kush is always a heavy hitter,hope you got some before it’s all gone,,I got 42 grams, and I’m not sure if I ordered enough,lol

  74. jack

    dam good stuff..well get more if hapi doesnt grab it first,,,lol

    thanks for the buzz

  75. Trev

    Good when mixed with other strains

  76. Jamm

    Mixed feelings on this product. The good was the buzz and taste. Great buzz for the price. The bad was the burn. Did not burn clean at all. Burnt very black no clean ash at all.would give It a 3.5

  77. Mall

    Decent bud! Good taste with a good smoke!
    Crowd pleaser, Good for the price!!!

  78. QpQp

    If your looking for a heavy strain. Well look no further

  79. theh

    Really enjoyed this bud,and at 5 a gram, wow,I’ve ordered it more than once!

  80. Lude

    That much taste, was worth the price on sale

  81. Bill

    Excellent! Nice clean, long-lasting head buzz. The price is AMAZING! Have bought before, will buy again! Recommended!

  82. Chan

    Just like the Purple Kush it doesn’t have that dank Kush smell. However it does do it’s Kush trick and still works regardless of terpens. When you get it at this price I’m not complaining but I am big on smell so that’s why it’s lacking a star.

  83. Mast

    Very nice price/quality ratio. The smoke is nice and kushy, nothing fancy tho.

  84. Indi

    A big bang for your buck with this one. I couldn’t believe how well I slept. Really nice buds just like the pic and smells really nice. The burn is much better than purple strain.

  85. jack

    nice buss …nice buds

  86. Elan

    Good purchase. Not too strong. Excellent value for the price

  87. Cann

    Great buds and what a buzz

  88. yoke

    Best weed I’ve ever had. Amazing nugs, strong high

  89. Gyal

    Good sized, very dense nugs. Smells great, good high. Could not be happier as it was on sale for $5

  90. nikk

    Burns black in papers and it does fade out constantly. Nice high though and does well in the vape.
    I would buy again.

  91. ccgo

    smoked mine in joints, excellent flavour, very nice to smell, good fry job

  92. Mike

    the nugs where nice and condenced loved the colour great if you like a strong high or in lots of pain

  93. alex

    this pink kush worth to buy it at this price this buds are awesome its a must try 🙂 you will not regrets 🙂

  94. latr

    Not bad. I liked it. For 5$ a gram I would get more but not sure if this product is worth more.

  95. BenB

    Une valeur sure cote prix et buzz 😗

  96. Butt

    Another nice batch of “Pink Kush”!! The ounce I got of this was even better than when I ordered just 5g’s of it along with the same of “God’s Green Crack”.. The buds were nice no popcorn whatsoever, they were medium to large sized and nice and dense. They had lots of crystal trichomes. For the price of this bud and for the quality that you get it, this is definitely a steal of a deal, one of the best I’ve came across in awhile, and I can’t believe it’s still going.. Keep up the AMAZING work Greenz and PLEASE keep these unbelievable sales coming!!

  97. Mori

    Its the best weed for quality vs price i smoke here !

  98. bam6

    This is one of the cheaper strains I ordered and It was quite nice for the price

  99. Bill

    Excellent product, excellent price. Nice aroma, nice taste, long-lasting high. Great for night time. Bought before, will buy again.

  100. Dagg

    Perfect looking bugs….. almost exactly what you Would think it is. Lovely smoke!

  101. Alex

    For the price you can’t find better 5/5

  102. Wmok

    Pink Kush is one of my favorite smokes. It has a nice taste and I would recommend to anyone who loves weed. The only down fall is that it is so sticky and tight, so it can be hard on your hand grinder but it always busts out to a nice pile.

  103. Gros

    its my night strain.

  104. ggra

    I feel bad for anyone who doesn’t grab an ounce while its on sale. Excellent bud at an exceptional price. I just ordered my second ounce before it’s all gone.

  105. theh

    Love pink Kush,I’ll buy this every time,such a good price,

  106. just

    Nice sized buds, sticky and very tasty. Best bang for your buck right now! Will order agin for sure! Only reason i didnt give it 5/5 is the salt and pepper ash. Not sure if thats the strain itself or this batch didnt get a proper flush before harvest.

  107. Chea


  108. Butt

    I ordered this along with the GGC and this was a really nice bud, I was very satisfied and impressed with the quality of this bud especially for that price!!! I liked it so much I had to order an ounce of it even though I just ordered an ounce of the purple god the day before, gonna have a nice variety that’s for sure!!

  109. Drew

    I giving it 5 stars because for the price it’s definitely the most potent on the site. Looks just like the pic and description is perfect, really big nugs I was quite surprised.

  110. Ryan

    This is defenitly this best bang for your buck on the site now, really sticky I found so I would recommend using an electric grinder it busted up much nicer when I did. Great deal while it’s on for sure!

  111. hapi

    2nd order received (told ya it was kaka…)
    EXACTLY like the first…don’t jinx me, the 3rd is in transit!
    Who gives a toot ’bout a little salt n pepper at this price, not I.

  112. Mj82

    Very sticky and a great buzz!

  113. kayv

    Got this on sale, can’t go wrong with the price

  114. Jenn

    Amazing stuff. Excellent price! Highly recommended!!!

  115. amee

    Really impressed by this for the price! Has beautiful coloured nugs with hints of purple, the aroma isn’t as strong or dank but it still hits pretty nice with a chill body buzz. Great bud for the price!

  116. 420n

    bomb! defiantly worth the price.

  117. Bill

    Excellent product for a great price. Decent, long high. Great for mellowing out. Recommended!

  118. Dext

    Really nice looking stuff for a great price

  119. Seth

    Amazing quality for the price. I was convinced my order was swapped with something more potent by accident. Amazing taste and smell, potency is intense. Getting more while it lasts.

  120. nikk

    Excellent buds perfect bang for your buck will be ordering again.

  121. Conn

    Beautiful looking! Im really shocked at how it looked, quite honestly it looked like a true pink Kush should. Stinks nice and smokes pretty good, got me lights out at night. I really do love the pink Kush strain and this is absolutely a steal for the price.

  122. devo

    I’d smoke 420 grams of this everyday if i could… 5/5 best bang for your buck… Tons of trichomes, lots of THC and very sticky and pungent nuggets. Will definitely continue ordering more.

  123. Bwad

    Just like the picture. Nice strong buzz well worth the price. Will be getting more on my next purchase.
    Lots of purple accents

  124. Indi

    Harsh in a bong but smooth in a joint. 5 bucks a grm for this I’d buy again. Well worth the money for a well known brand.

  125. Jmde

    Good quality for 5$/ g, stick bud

  126. luc7

    Great daytime or anytime Indica and you can’t go wrong for the price. Gives me an energy boost at first with no crash or couch lock.

  127. hapi

    Horrible, Nasty, Ordering MORE?! …..Psst don’t buy it….I WANT IT ALL!! 🙂
    A t this price, why are you even reading reviews…hit ENTER
    nice sized nugs, uber sticky and dense ( hence it looks like less than it is…)
    this is a True Kush…. ala buzz-lite-ear….to the moon and beyond

    note* please don”t be a terd and waste peoples time complaining about darkish ash…
    read the darn description….???..
    .IT SAYS SALT N PEPPER ASH…. so did you expect different??? duh! (thanx for the heads up Greenz -good job)
    obviously getting more!

  128. Verv

    I am really dissapointed,Burn is bad and inconsistent after light, black ashes.Smoke is harsh.

  129. madd

    Absolutely amazing considering the price. Had to turn around and order more. The best quality for price I’ve yet to come by. Keep up the good work Tom! The buds look exactly like the photo, sticky, fresh, pungent. Completely caked in trichomes. Nice medium sized buds, no popcorn whatsoever. Good taste/ high, like stated it does burn salt and pepperish but will not complain at this price point.

  130. Bwade

    Friend of mine got some of this when it was on for 8 bucks a gram and I was very happy with the quality. Can’t believe it’s on sale right now for 5 a gram so I just placed my first order!
    Highly recommend taking advantage of this sale.
    Great bud rate it 4/5

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