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EL Jefe

(16 customer reviews)

$12.00 / gram - $270.00 / 28 grams $10.00 / gram
$200.00 / 28 grams

  • Brand: Yaletown Flower Co.

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Yaletown Flower Co. El Jefe, medium sizes colorful and sticky nugs with a strong nose of kush and citrus with just a bit of gas and a good burn

      El Jefe is an indica dominant cross of Abusive OG and Rare Dankness #1 it’s euphoric and relaxed effects are best suited for treating stress, depression, headache, pain and insomnia.

16 reviews for EL Jefe

  1. Nil

    Got this as a sample and I just had to double check to make sure this is my first review. I was not expecting the couch melting mind blank but man I needed it. Very smooth and clean vape with a hint of citrus? Let’s be fair, I melted pretty hard. Would suggest as a bed time smoke. Thanks greenz!

  2. John

    Got this as a sample and really liked it. Definitely a strong citrus kush nose and a very smooth smoke. Will order when it returns. Recommended!

  3. JZ28

    Received this as a sample with my order. So good I didn’t even get to the stuff I actually paid for. Same great quality that YTFC always delivers with a satisfying couch lock but still left me with enough energy to get up and move around when I needed to. Would recommend to anybody looking for a strain to use as your after work reward.

  4. Brod

    nice sticky buds great smooth taste would definitely buy again

  5. josh

    decent kush taste. the buds are not that dense. and the cure is ok. average strain.

  6. Drew

    Definitely a nice strong citrusy gassy strain, looks just like this picture. Nice medium sized perfect nugs, Its been sitting around for some time but its been well kept. Nice and dense and sticky. I really enjoyed this one and would buy again for sure.

  7. Veng

    Awesome strain would definitely buy again

  8. edwa

    I’ve gotten a few samples of this in the past little while, every time I see it I get excited because I know that I’m in for a nice heavy treat. Smells and tastes amazing. Great for anyone looking to get wrecked on a nice, but not too heavy indica.

  9. Numb

    One of my all time favourites I will order this again and again , really nice high with this that gets you rippped but still doesn’t make me fall asleep so it’s a perfect balance if you ask me! And the smell on the bag is beauty

  10. jimz

    I’ll give a AAA AS seems a little OLD Still OK for Novice users as I’m Chronic I’d wait for New Batch to Reorder

  11. Doop

    Very strong taste. Nugs are a little on the small_medium size.

  12. just

    Definitely among the nicest OGs I have tried.. all my buds were large, dense, and sticky. The smell and taste is classic OG with a little more spice than average, but it blends really nicely with the lemon, pine and kushy tones. The high hits quickly and lasts for a good while.. a hybrid buzz, but definitely more indica leaning. Would recommend for any OG or kush lovers!!

  13. Pat

    Loved this strain, I didn’t know what to expect From it but was very pleased. Very kushy taste and thick smoke . Potent long lasting effects . I will be ordering this one again!

  14. Jammin 2017

    Really enjoyed this Strain. Nice strong glow grin this one. Burned white and very nice in the vape

  15. Olivier

    one of the best strains on the website but i feel like it couldve been pushed a little bit higher taste wise
    4/5 great og average taste tho
    smell on point

  16. JoshO

    Thank you greenz for the sample this stuff is just amazing. I love OG strains and this one is no doubt top notch. Smooth earthy og flavor and a great high. You can smoke this stuff anytime day or night which makes it an awesome strain. I definitely will be getting some of this.

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