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Chocolate Thai

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  • Brand: Friendly Flower Co.

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Chocolate Thai is a great morning strain thanks to its pure 100% Sativa content. Its THC levels usually range between 12-16% offering lower potency making it a good fit for novice users. With a stimulating cerebral high, the effects of this strain may provide an increased focus, creativity, motivation, and overall productivity. Mild physical aches and discomforts may be alleviated as well due to its anti-inflammatory properties. With dominant notes of chocolate and coffee, its smoke sets out to offer an enjoyable experience.



  • Pure Sativa
  • Low THC levels
  • Ideal for morning use
  • Good strain for beginners
  • Uplifting and mood-boosting effects
  • Delicious taste of chocolate


Effects and Health Properties


Chocolate Thai may be a great strain for anyone new who wishes to give cannabis a go to experience the beneficial effects it can offer. Because of its low THC levels, the high offered by this strain is mild but can be stimulative and energetic enough to give you a mental- and mood-boost for a euphoric and productive day.


Its focused high may offer you the energetic mental focus you may need to tackle the tasks in the office in a creative and motivating way. The stimulating boost in your mood may bring about positive vibes of happy feelings and inspiration.


This marijuana bud offers some health properties within the medicinal community as well. Many users enjoy the upbeat and creative effects of Chocolate Thai that may help with a variety of symptoms, including:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Fatigue
  • Physical aches


Legendary With Great Taste


Chocolate Thai is a legendary strain from Thailand that offers an enjoyable aroma and taste experience to its users with rich notes of chocolate and coffee. Its smoke is generally smooth with gentle hints of herbal and woodsy sweet-spicy combination.


Simple Yet Astonishing


The appearance of Chocolate Thai may represent simplicity in its looks with bright green leaves growing through the darker green nugs. But the vivid and many orange hairs offer a simply elegant contrast to the overall look of this marijuana plant. The trichomes covering the flower look like crystalized sugar.


This great-tasting Sativa could be considered a beginner’s strain. Even though it carries low THC levels, we still recommend that anyone new to this strain and cannabis in general to start with a small dose and only increase it gradually.

4 reviews for Chocolate Thai

  1. TSTS

    I like this one and it’s my first try

  2. Race

    Very nice smoke!

  3. Remp

    First time trying chocolate Thai and I’m extremely impressed. Awesome taste and great burn. Highly recommend

  4. Silv

    Chocolate thai.glad i grabbed this when i did before it ess gone .this is one pretty gal .nice solid crystal coated buds.bit of a hot burn .nice ash .smell cant quite put my finger on it .great steady head buzz soon to find your body .oh and then the fridge .lol.good bang for buck .

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