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Cherry Punch

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  • Brand: Yaletown Flower Co.

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Cherry Punch is a great hybrid that offers balanced Sativa and Indica effects. You’ll get sedation and euphoria in one experience, with a single smoke. This strain is a cross between Cherry AK-47 and Purple Punch, two of the most flavourful strains in the world. Cherry Punch offers a truly mind-boggling experience in terms of aroma, flavour, and psychoactive effects. The potency on this strain is unbelievable, as well.

Capping at 23-24% THC concentration, Cherry Punch doesn’t pull any punches, not even to veteran cannabis consumers. You’ll feel the intense euphoria knock over your head as soon as you take a first toke. Then, as it transforms into ultimate sedation and relaxation, your body will experience the couch-lock sensation first-hand. The heavy cerebral state and physical sensation become the norm after you take a few tokes.


  • 23-24% THC concentration
  • Cherry-sweet flavour
  • Blissful high with very relaxing effects
  • Great for lack of appetite and depression

Appearance and aroma 

Cherry Punch has some of the greenest nugs you’ve seen in a cannabis strain. The purple undertones serve to emphasize the brightness of the orange hairs present on the leaves. Last but not least, this strain has a thick coat of snow-white trichomes covering the leaves, the hairs, and the nugs. It leaves a long-lasting impression of deliciousness and flavourful taste. It delivers exactly that, with a big punch of euphoria!

As for the aroma, you’ll feel the fruitiness go all the way into your lungs and stay there. The skunky cherry flavour is the primary aroma you’ll feel, followed by an aftertaste of sweet berries, and ending with some more fruity skunkiness. When you exhale, the earthy aroma will cover everything with a bit of roughness to counterbalance the sweetness of the cherry flavour. Cherry Punch leaves you wanting for more!

Uses and effects 

Cherry Punch offers a series of incredible therapeutic and psychoactive effects. THC proven healing benefits, in the form of pain relief, sleep aid, neuroprotection, and more. If you suffer from anxiety or depression, for instance, this strain will liberate your mind from all unnecessary thoughts, calming you down. It’ll also instill sleepiness and give you the munchies, effectively treating both your insomnia and appetite loss.

As for your physical state, Cherry Punch provides a series of healing benefits that decrease your medical symptoms. You could be suffering from sciatica or neuropathic pain, in which case Cherry Punch can help you. It’ll substantially decrease your pains and aches, giving you the sweet relief you were looking for. This time, you won’t have to suffer in silence because Cherry Punch can treat your symptoms effectively! Take a toke and you’ll see for yourself how delicious and therapeutic this strain is. It can help you with:

  • Glaucoma
  • Arthritis
  • Various forms of chronic pain
  • Lack of appetite
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Nausea

3 reviews for Cherry Punch

  1. BudB

    Crazy taste 🤤 and good buz to love it

  2. BigB

    The flavor is unbelievable! Heavy hitter and delicious what more can I ask for

  3. Pri

    Really like this strain. Smooth to smoke and good relaxing buzz

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