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Canna Wraps Terpene Infused Hemp


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When you’re getting high, it’s hard to beat blunts. These heavy-hitting marijuana cigars pack a punch, and are usually loaded with plenty of weed. But for a blunt to work, it needs two things: durability and taste. Without them, your smoking endeavour is sure to fail.

Canna nailed it with these Wraps, which are strong enough to hold up and taste great. Three flavours – including classic grape, Russian cream, and honey – add an extra layer of taste to your smoking experience. Additionally, Canna’s vegan recipe set these Wraps apart from the competition.

They only contain organic ingredients: hemp and natural sugar gum. They’re also 100 percent tobacco and nicotine free. As a result, they’re one of the purest ways to smoke. With 2 Wraps per pack, you’ll have a backup in case you have any mishaps during the rolling process.


  • Vegan recipe: 100 percent organic hemp and natural sugar gum
  • 3 flavours: grape, Russian cream, honey
  • Tobacco-free
  • 2 wraps per pack

Instructions and Ingredients

There are only three ingredients in these vegan-friendly wraps: organic hemp, natural sugar gum, and natural terpenes for flavour. Smokers can rest easy knowing that these wraps contain no tobacco or nicotine.

While wrapping a blunt may be intimidating at first, it’s actually a fairly easy job. First, break up your weed into a fine powder – grinders are a huge help here. Next, add a heaping amount of weed into the wrap. Lick the gum strip, wrap, and hold for a moment to let the gum stick. Then, if the wrap is too loose, use a small poker (like a pen cap) to pack in the ends, tightening it up.

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