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Cactus Breath THC Distillate Cartridge

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  • Brand: Liquid Sunshine

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  • Liquid Sunshine THC Distillate Cartridge1 x Cactus Breath THC Distillate Cartridge ( 1 x 1 gram THC Distillate cartridge)


1 review for Cactus Breath THC Distillate Cartridge

  1. Vend

    The taste/smell of Cactus Breath actually reminds me of where I originally come from; Phoenix Arizona. Having lived there, I can tell you that the smell and taste actually do somewhat mimic cacti. Who would have thought that you could make Cannabis taste like that. Cool.

    This particular strain kind of sneaks up on you. In other words, if you need to go to sleep and just about need a sledge-hammer to do the job; this would be your goto.

    Also, have a tall glass of water standing by. This one can parch you a bit too.

    The sleep effect is almost imperceptible until you find yourself trying to fight sleep.

    It does pretty good on the pain reduction side too. The pain I have to deal with each day is really hard to tame, but this strain helped me go to sleep at night. Sleep tends to elude me a lot; so I need to practically knock myself out at night for me to get some sleep. This strain does just that.


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