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1 Gram Hybrid Pre-Rolled Cones 5 For $30

(10 customer reviews)

  • Supplier: Friendly Extraction Co.
  • Restrictions: no coupons allowed


    $5 each or 5 for $30

  • Product Highlights
      1 x 1 Gram  Pre Rolled Cone.


Additional Information

10 reviews for 1 Gram Hybrid Pre-Rolled Cones 5 For $30

  1. Pjb

    not consistent , not rolled tight enough

  2. kat

    You pay for the quality, you can tell they use finely grinded shake to pack the js

  3. Bouw

    Can’t beat the price and convenience

  4. too4

    I love my pre rolls. Not always the best, but worth it for the price.

  5. chal

    Hit and miss,great deal but not always great smoke….not consistent but when it’s good it’s really good!

  6. Mega

    This will be my third ordering of the pre rolls. I haven’t been disappointed yet with them, they have all been rolled perfect, packaged well, and us girls have all gotten ‘puffed’ up. Cheers to Greenz!!

  7. bamf

    The prerolls use to be amazing, best bang for your buck of anything. But I ordered 25 of them on my last order and my friend ordered 30, and all of those were complete bunk. They were made worse and didn’t pull or even burn properly it was odd. And the thc content was definitely about zero. We hot boxed with several of them at one point and none of us even felt like we had smoked at all.

    I don’t know what they did to change them but these went downhill like nothing else ever has.

  8. Jame

    Great for the size and price

  9. Jame

    Great deal on these, very nice prerolls.

  10. jsin

    These were a great deal!

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