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Blue Lemon

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  • Brand: Yaletown Flower Co.

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Here’s a great strain for if you’re feeling blue. Blue Lemon is a potent hybrid that combines the sedative properties of an indica with just a hint of a sativa’s uplifting euphoria. It also boasts quite the pedigree. It’s the result of Vancover-based Jordan of the Islands crossing DJ Short’s Blueberry with Lemon Skunk. The resulting combination has a wide-ranging THC content.

Since this strain has such potent indica-dominant genetics, it’s best used during the afternoon or nighttime hours, after you’ve completed all your responsibilities for the day. This hybrid is fairly difficult to find, and may only be available for a limited time. Don’t wait – pick up your own head-stash!


  • Indica-dominant genetics: 80 percent indica, 20 percent sativa
  • Tastes like blueberry lemonade
  • Huge THC content rivals most strains: often 17-25 percent
  • Rare genetics – hard to find

Aroma and Appearance

Blue Lemon greets potential smokers first with its loud aroma. It boasts a combination of skunky, citrus, and lemon. More discriminating noses may also detect the subtle hint of berries. Sparking up a bowl or joint of Blue Lemon brings its Blueberry parent’s taste to bear, washing over the tongue with a smooth, thick smoke.

Blue Lemon also has a dazzling look. While most strains feature a boring green colour, Blue Lemon is known to exhibit purple and blue hues. Add in a thick layer of trichomes, and you have a shiny strain that glistens with unusual colours.

Uses and Effects

Simply put, Blue Lemon is strong. However, its THC content is somewhat variable. Some members of this strain test around 17 percent, while others have reached the lofty level of around 25 percent. That doesn’t seem to affect its high, though. Smokers say that Blue Lemon makes them feel relaxed and happy, typical of indica-dominant strains. However, it may also make a smoker fairly social, thanks to its sativa genetics.

1 review for Blue Lemon

  1. colw

    I liked it, a lot. Nice High

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