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Blue Diesel THC Distillate Cartridge

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  • Brand: Liquid Sunshine

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  • Liquid Sunshine THC Distillate Cartridge1 x Blue Diesel THC Distillate Cartridge ( 1 x 1 gram THC Distillate cartridge)


1 review for Blue Diesel THC Distillate Cartridge

  1. Vend

    The five stars I gave this one are well deserved. Blue D does a great job at not stoning you so much that you can’t hold you eyelids open, but at the same time manages to alleviate a lot of pain, inflammation, anxiety and depression.

    I’m always on the lookout for a strain that can manage my pain condition during the day time and into the evening before bedtime.

    This strain does not seem to cause the munchies as much either. Or hardly any at all.

    As usual, this is an Indica based strain. So, have some water standing by to slake your thirst.

    Great even head-and-body stone. Not overpowering though.

    It “might” cause a bit of dizziness. Your mileage on this effect may vary or you may not sense this at all.

    Good times!

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