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Bliss Tropical Gummies

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One of the classic snack treats, Gummies first rose to popularity in the 1900s. Since then their notoriety has only risen, and they’ve assumed a place of prominence among snack foods worldwide. With such a historic legacy, how can we even make Gummies better? By adding THC, of course.

These Tropical Mix Gummies by Bliss each feature 20 milligrams of THC and come in three tropical flavours. This dosage isn’t for the faint of heart – they can induce powerful highs that last for significantly longer than smoked or vaped weed. If you’re a fan of edibles, you owe it to yourself to try Bliss’ THC-infused Tropical Mix Gummies


  • THC-infused Gummy treats
  • 20 milligrams THC per Gummy – 10-15 gummies per pack – 200-300 milligrams THC per pack
  • Assorted tropical flavours: blue raspberry, guava, pineapple

Appearance and Aroma

With three lip-smacking flavours including blue raspberry, guava, and pineapple, these Gummies will delight users’ taste buds. Miss Bliss, the driving force behind Bliss Edibles, is a member of the faculty at Oaksterdam University cannabis school in California. Oaksterdam boasts one of the best marijuana curriculums in the world, so these THC-infused Tropical Mix Gummies come from some of the best edibles cooks in the world.

Uses and Effects

Edibles work a little differently than smoked or vaped weed. Instead of being absorbed immediately into the bloodstream through the lungs, edibles pass through the digestive tract before the liver metabolizes them. As a result, edibles last longer than other forms of marijuana, and their effects are intensified. There’s a trade-off, though: it takes longer for the possible effects of edibles to set in.

Outside of the high they may produce, Bliss’ THC-Infused Tropical Mix Gummies have some possible health-related benefits. Some research shows that marijuana may be able to help those suffering from chronic pain and inflammation, sleep issues, stress, and anxiety.

Additional Information

3 reviews for Bliss Tropical Gummies

  1. Goat

    Great tasting little mood elevators, although the watermelon has a stronger aftertaste. Perfect when you need some extra glow to get through the day.

    Pieces are small and the tin is ideal for packing away in a bag to take with you.

    If sharing with family or friends who don’t normally partake, it is suggested to split these in half.

  2. Boba

    These are great! Even one is quite strong.

  3. jess

    The peach is amazing

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