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Blackwater OG Smalls

(25 customer reviews)

$7.00 / gram

  • Brand: Friendly Flower Co.

Out of stock



The high indica concentration of the Blackwater OG smalls will make you extremely calm or even bring some of those sedative effects. You will most likely feel like a good night sleep or to stay on the couch and have a good relaxing moment. You should not plan an adventure after smoking Blackwater OG small because you might feel too drowsy to leave the house.



Friendly Flower Co. Blackwater OG smalls is an indica cross of Mendo Purps and San Fernando OG Kush which are two really popular strains from California. This unique mix of strain created the perfect strain that is Blackwater OG smalls, now distributed by Greenz



When you inhale, you can taste a strong note of berry. When you exhale, there is a lemon and pine flavor that will take the place of the berries. When you break apart the buds, it smells like earthy or even woody sometimes. The flavor is great and it provides a really nice burn. If you like berry tasting weed, this one’s for you! 



Be prepared for a relaxing daytime or for a great night of sleep. The Blackwater OG smalls will keep you in a relaxed state of mind and you will probably feel a little sedated from this indica strain.  



The Black Water Og smalls is great for a lot of things which includes : treating pain, stress, depression insomnia and/or headaches. It’s great medicinal property makes it really popular. 



Blackwater OG Smalls has a smaller sized light green nug with a pretty sweet and fruity nose. This strain has a rust-like color mixed with the light green and darker parts that creates a distinctive bud.


More Information:

This strain is getting more and more popular because of the lack of real side effects. The smoke coming from Blackwater OG small will most likely make you cough which can be a bummer. You can also experience cottonmouth and red eyes but nothing that a couple eye drop and a glass of water can’t fix!  


25 reviews for Blackwater OG Smalls

  1. TSTS

    Nice and clean burning as well as a great price

  2. Ben

    This one had good flavour, decent burn, definitely more of an indicia buzz.

  3. Diam

    This batch of smalls was better than the last I had. Not bad at all !

  4. Lolu

    Nice buds. Tastes as great as it looks

  5. Jd42

    Not much taste or smell and it had really small nugs

  6. asht

    gotta say out of all the products ive tried through greenz and all the blackwater strains ive tried, this was really disapointing. only thing postive i can say about this batch is the nugs were tight. lacked, flavour and high.

  7. dies

    High quality bud. Nice clean high

  8. Mike

    Good size popcorn nugs
    Burns real nice great high

  9. Edpo

    good indica for the price (smalls). I would buy it again if it is on sale

  10. dies

    Nice clean burn and a great taste. Good for the price

  11. dies

    Nice high. Clean burn with a great taste.

  12. Mela

    Agree with the others. Nothing special. Buzz is mild. Price was cheap.

  13. Diam

    I always say you get what you pay for! Being smalls and cheap it was just ok nothing special but you have to remember what you bought!

  14. king

    Very nice Strain A+

  15. tamm

    I personally found it mild, good for beginners.

  16. asur

    Wasnt bad wanted to try out something different and was pleasantly surprised by the taste and high got from it

  17. Jame

    Solid strain, high was good and the price was right

  18. asur

    Awesome stuff was a random strain I figured test out a new strain will order again gave me a nice buzz

  19. fufu

    Loved this strain, even though its not priced as top shelf it is definitely up there with some of the best I’ve smoked from Greenz. Nice subtle taste, mild on the throat, burns nicely, and a sophisticated high.

  20. Krae

    I love this strain. Not often will I try one and immediately go back and buy more before its sold out but this one I just had to. Hopefully we see more of this one soon!

  21. baz4

    Nice strain.

  22. Alex

    I love it tasty great buzz 5/5

  23. Rmcd

    Another bomb strain from gastown!! Wow!

  24. Josh

    Thx for the sample I requested you guys always take care of me. Glad I tried it first because to be honest I wasn’t to impressed. I have had blackwater before and it was much better then this batch. Not saying this one is bad because it’s not I just was expecting better.

  25. pope

    This one really is the bomb! Nice fruity, pungent nugs with a slow burn. Ash is salt & pepper. Great buzz!

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