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Blackberry Kush

(14 customer reviews)

$10.00 / gram
$200.00 / 28 grams

  • Brand: Friendly Flower Co.

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Blackberry Kush will bring you a unique high with a mix of happy relaxation and euphoric effect. It is a unique high quality high that has made the blueberry kush a favorite for a lot of smokers. 



Super Blackberry Kush is an indica dominant hybrid of Blackberry and Afghani. This unique and well thought mix is what gives gorgeous dark purple buds and orange hair to the Blackberry Kush. We are proud to sell Blackberry Kush across Canada here at Greenz



Musky without losing the sweet berry aromas and the earthy Kush. The taste is not too pronounced, it is smooth and non-expansive, this makes the Blackberry Kush a great choice for people who don’t like to cough while smoking.



The Blackberry Kush strain provides a relaxed happy and euphoric effect. It is long lasting and create a general feeling of wellness. 



Used to treat stress, anxiety, pain, depression as well as insomnia.


Blackberry Kush has a beautiful lighter green colorful buds with sparse red hairs and a good burn.


More Information : 

The side effects that are the most common include dehydration and or cottonmouth. On rare occasions, some users have reported feeling dizzy, and you may get a slight headache if you are not used to smoking marijuana. As a general rule, the overall high depends on your tolerance to weed. Smokers leaning more toward a strong Indica strains will really be fond of the Blackberry Kush, like a lot. On the other hand, if you dont like an indica strain that tends to make you fatigued or to cause you to stay all day on the couch, it is more than likely that Blackberry Kush is not for you!


Range (gram)Price ($/gram)
0 - 27.9 gram$10.00 / gram
28+ gram$7.14 / gram

14 reviews for Blackberry Kush

  1. GHGr

    Perfect for night night is right! Not crazy potent but leaves me feeling comfy. Buds are tight and stinky. Burns well. Great price.

  2. pkos

    deep pleasant aroma. As indicated a perfect nighttime strain. I sometimes have trouble falling asleep and this product was able to help put me to sleep within the hour.

  3. snak

    Dense buds with great high, and smells sweet. Remind me of Black Diamond strain.

  4. Pri

    good quality, burns slow. relaxing

  5. Mela

    Heavy hitting but good high. Relaxing and great for price

  6. dies

    Very nice bud gives you a great high. Night smoke. Good price

  7. John

    Potent smoke. Pungent nose.

  8. cbat

    Very potent stuff! Long lasting high. Perfect for sleeping! A++++

  9. dies

    Good quality erb. Great high

  10. Pri

    Nice and smooth. Relaxing and chill high

  11. kat

    Smooth and nice dense nugs

  12. dies

    Nice burn. Great high. Would buy again

  13. Anto

    Good kush strain!

  14. Cody

    Nice sized buds easy to bust nice relaxing high

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