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Black Triangle

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  • Brand: Friendly Flower Co.

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Black Triangle contains very high THC levels, generally averaging around 30-31%, with different batches offering some variations of this. Usually, this marijuana plant is classified as a rare pure Indica, carrying 100% Indica. But some phenotypes of this weed plant step outside of this mould containing Sativa content as well. The high of Black Triangle is usually intense and lasts for quite a while, being a great choice for well-seasoned weed users and individuals with high tolerance levels. Because of the highly relaxing and sedative effects of this Indica bud that may lead to a couch-lock state, its use should be reserved for nighttime. The cerebral high of Black Triangle usually comes on fast, delivering a surge of euphoria clothed with happy feelings and positivity. Your mind might switch to a dreamy and low-key state while enjoying a positive vibe of calmness.



  • High THC levels ranging between 26% and 31%
  • Rare pure Indica
  • Euphoric and uplifting effects
  • Strong body high
  • Pain-soothing sedation
  • Sleep-inducing effects
  • A sweet vanilla taste


A Heavy Body High To Ease Pain


Black Triangle carries many great qualities, one of them being its sedative physical high that may relieve chronic pain, such as joint pains or migraines. The deeply relaxing body high of this strain may also ease tensions, both in the body and mind, to offer you a restful evening wrapped up in a state of rest, comfort, and ease.


The cerebral high of Black Triangle can be strong enough to sweep away negative thoughts and anxious feelings, making room for calmness and positivity. You may experience a splash of creativity run through your mind, sprinkling happy feelings and positive energy in your mental state and mood.


You may feel a happy boost in your mood as the euphoric and uplifting effects of Black Triangle potentially erase the overwhelming and crippling symptoms of depression and anxiety. This cannabis strain is oftentimes used to act as an aid in:

  • Stress
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Loss of appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Muscle spasms


A Sweet Taste And An Even Sweeter Sleep


Black Triangle is known for its sweet earthy vanilla taste. The smoke, especially when exhaled, oftentimes offers notes of citrus and pine. The aroma of this cannabis strain usually has a spicier side to it, with a dank citrus overtone coupled with hints of pungent earth and fresh vanilla.

1 review for Black Triangle

  1. Silv

    I love this strain .taste icant even put a guess to compare .its def one on its own .and this baby gets u stoned .from head to heels .wished i got more .and hope the new pics of it are up because she is beautiful.good job

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