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Banana WIFI OG

(78 customer reviews)

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$12.00 / gram
$240.00 / 28 grams

  • Supplier: Yaletown Flower Co.

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THC Content:

15 to 23%


Everything is in harmony when it comes to this strain, starting with its perfect balance of sativa and indica. A delicious banana flavour gives way to happy and relaxed effects that won’t leave you drowsy.


Yaletown Flower Co. brings us this balanced strain descending from WiFi OG and Banana Kush.


Banana aroma with earthy notes.


Great for day and nighttime use, this strain has moderate levels of THC ranging from 15 to 23%. While its effects are strong, you’ll find yourself feeling happy and at ease. Calm your racing thoughts and your aches with this delicious strain.


Pain, depression, stress.


Light green nugs that are medium sized and caked with crystal.


Range (gram)Price ($/gram)
0 - 6.9 gram$12.00 / gram
28+ gram$8.57 / gram
14 - 27.9 gram$9.29 / gram
7 - 13.9 gram$10.00 / gram

78 reviews for Banana WIFI OG

  1. dies

    Very good quality weed. Def recommended

  2. Stuc

    Good smell and buzz! Would buy again

  3. BudD

    This was some very nice bud. Fantastic aroma, slightly sweet and fruity, kind of a sweet earthy flavor. The buzz was alert and strong. The trim could have been a little better but overall a great smoke.

  4. josh

    This strain has become a classic for me. great smell and taste. nice effects. nice dense nugs! recommended.

  5. dies

    Smelled great. Easy to break up and roll. Not bad high. Have had better.

  6. luc7

    Received as a sample awhile ago and loved it so when I saw it on here I had to get me some!

  7. Herb

    Really enjoyed this strain when smoked…would buy again!

  8. ssno

    Great taste, smell, and a solid buzz. Didn’t get drowsy, really enjoyed this. Will definitely order it again.

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