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Animal Cookies (Smalls)

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  • Brand: Friendly Flower Co.

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Animal Cookies is not a strain for novice users. With an Indica content of about 75% and with THC levels averaging at about 23% reaching as high as 27%, this cannabis strain is set to offer an impactful and unforgettable high. Animal Cookies carries a delicious flavour profile that offers highlights of vanilla, cookies, and cherry. With this bud, your world becomes better, especially once the high can effectively address some of your struggles, including mood disorders and insomnia.



  • Indica strain
  • Average THC of 23%
  • Excellent medicinal bud
  • Delicious flavour profile
  • Ideal for mood disorders, insomnia, and pain


Effects and Benefits


The effects of this heavy Indica-dominant strain usually act fast while providing an uplifting flow of relaxation and euphoria all at once. Depending on one’s tolerance levels combined with the dosage consumed, for some, Animal Cookies can also cause a higher level of sedation that can result in a couch-lock effect. Therefore, this heavy-punching strain is best suited for evening use, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes.


Animal Cookies is one of the most popular and effective strains within the medicinal community because of its potent Indica component. This cannabis flower can help relieve the negative effects of anxiety and stress while boosting one’s mood.


Animal Cookies is dominantly used to help with mood disorders, but its effectiveness can be felt and appreciated in other aspects as well. This strain can easily relieve symptoms of pain while providing relaxation and sedation for the body. Its heavy sedation can help many individuals who are struggling with insomnia, including some of its more severe forms.


Deliciously Flavourful


The fragrance of Animal Cookies is sweet followed by the right amount of sour complemented by a mild earthy pungent aroma. Its flavour might get you thinking of a tasty cookie dough sprinkled with notes of vanilla, cherry, and nuts. Its delicious flavour might get you to keep on smoking it, but be aware of the heavy potency that lies behind its sweet taste.


Looks for the Books


Animal Cookies has an elegant appearance with a touch of dashing. This cannabis plant grows dense buds that resemble the shape of popcorn. Its leaves are a darker green with tips sometimes coloured in purple. The plant is covered in a coating of sticky trichomes through which bright orange pistils vibrantly show their beauty.

1 review for Animal Cookies (Smalls)

  1. Silv

    Well my animal cookies def did not look like the pics but did have nice taste and hit .nice crystals .prob use it for some honey or budder.good product

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