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Alaskan Thunder Fuck

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  • Brand: Yaletown Flower Co.

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Alaskan Thunder Fuck is a highly potent Sativa strain that can offer a potent high that can turn your day into one of energised euphoria, focus, and happy vibes. This cannabis strain contains about 60% Sativa and 40% Indica and its most impressive quality is its staggeringly high THC levels that average around 27%. With a woodsy aroma followed by notes of chocolate, pine, and nuts, Alaskan Thunder Fuck sets out to offer its users one of their best experiences.



  • Sativa strain
  • High THC levels of about 27%
  • Woodsy aroma
  • Strong mental focus
  • Subtle physical relaxation


Powered Mental Focus


The cerebral high of Alaskan Thunder Fuck can start by stimulating your senses, making everything around you more dynamic. This is usually followed by a sharpened mental focus that makes way for productive analytical thinking.


The mental focus offered by Alaskan Thunder Fuck can prove highly valuable when you need to problem-solve or if you need to increase productivity and inspiration on a creative project. Consuming this strain in a relaxing and social setting can also turn conversations into a fun and highly enjoyable time.


Subtle Relaxation


As the high starts to wear off, you will most likely notice a soothing yet subtle relaxation washing over your body. This relaxation won’t be strong enough to make you feel couch-locked or too lazy to do anything.


Alaskan Thunder Fuck can help your body ease into a state of relaxation that also enables you to feel more energised. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help ease symptoms of mild physical pains and aches, such as headaches. You may find yourself in the mood to go hiking with your friends or for a fun stroll in the park.


Medicinal Benefits


Alaskan Thunder Fuck is known to also offer incredible effects and benefits for those who consume marijuana for medicinal purposes. The long-lasting mental focus and sharpness of this strain can help those with attention deficit disorders. With this strain, it can be much easier to focus on a single task and achieve great results.


This marijuana bud, besides a great cerebral high, can also provide a subtle boost in your mood. If you are struggling with stress, anxiety, or even depression, then Alaskan Thunder Fuck can relieve the overwhelming symptoms caused by these conditions.


If you are a novice user, or have a very low tolerance level, but are determined to try this strain, we recommend starting with a very small dosage.


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