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With Covid-19 continuing to spread around the world, quarantine is becoming a regular fact of life for many people. If you live in Canada or another legal area, you can buy weed online, which means there’s no danger of running out anytime soon — but you’ll still have to isolate yourself socially. Being stuck at home can get dull sooner or later, but there’s one group for whom it’s a great opportunity to great creative: stoners! Read on to discover how potheads are handling being inside during the outbreak.


More Isolation = More Joints

A collection of pre-rolled joints, each labelled on the filter

One Reddit user (u/knicksuc5) took their coronavirus preparations all the way — and in this case, all the way means 58 different joints. They’re healthy-looking rolls as well, with incredible consistency; and to prevent themselves accidentally smoking the wrong strain, they even went so far as to label every single spliff on its filter. Now that’s what we call being prepared!


Taking the Necessary Precautions

A stash jar with a special Covid-19 warning on the label.

Puff, puff, pass, as the saying goes; but when coronavirus is lurking around, even the most toke-happy group of friends need to cut back on the spreading of germs.  Twitter user @f0urthplanet shared this photo which lays out the new rules in their stoner household. The jar reads “Puff Puff Don’t Pass: Single person joints to help prevent the spread of Covid-19”.


Reverting to Type

A tweet about social isolation.

Social distancing is sending Twitter user @saltpetals right the way back in time to when they were an 18-year-old stoner. We have to say we’re impressed with the level of honesty, even if we’re not entirely sure why the sweatshirt has to be a dirty one. Toke on, Daisy!


The “I Have Kids” Starter Pack

A collection of cannabis edibles.

Being trapped inside is one thing, but being trapped inside with a house full of overexcited screaming children is quite another. Reddit user steph_rogers shared their stash of high-quality edibles under the tongue in cheek title “This is the ‘I have kids’ quarantine pack.” The collection includes classic favourites like Blue Burst as well as some tasty-looking Indica grape gummies. If that doesn’t make it all okay, we don’t know what will. 

If edibles are your thing, come and buy some weed treats online. Look for our special Edible section!


Kicking it Up a Notch

Somebody lighting a joint inside a hazmat suit.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, according to Reddit user u/ThatGuyBradley. It’s vital to maintain social distance to stop the spread of the disease. But what’s to be done when you still need a bit of the magic herb? There’s only one reasonable answer — light up inside a hazmat suit, of course!


Things Are Getting Serious

A tweet about eating all the food 10 minutes into quarantine.

This is a difficult period we’re living in, even though you can buy weed online nowadays. With Covid-19 threatening to sweep right across the world, and some of the world’s biggest nations having a hard time deciding what to do, it would be easy to lose sight of what’s important. It’s at times like this that we need heroes like Twitter user @Grim_The_Stoner, though, who took it upon themselves to bravely say what we’re all thinking.


Raising Important Questions

A tweet about quarantine and the supply of cannabis.

For someone with a Twitter handle like @thatsnotcool20, they sure do sound like a cool person to have around. Q: What’s worse than a coronavirus outbreak? A: A coronavirus outbreak full of grumpy, sleep-deprived stoners. Keep the weed flowing and the isolation going. By the way, if you’re in Canada and you want to buy weed online in order to stay high and (not) dry, check out the special deals we’ve got on offer here at Greenz. You never know what you might find!


The Two Kinds of Coronavirus Preppers

A tweet about stocking up on toilet paper and cannabis for quarantine.

Maybe we shouldn’t have expected anything else from Twitter user @stonerboard, but we’re pretty impressed all the same. Say what you like, but at least they know where their priorities lie, even if we’d rather buy our weed online than from a shopping trolley. Moreover, it begs the question — do we really need to choose between cannabis and toilet paper? Why not both?



Whether you’re more worried about toilet paper than toking up — or whether you’re thinking of copying those 58 different joints — we hope this list of what the world’s stoners are getting up to in quarantine inspires you to find new ways of coping with the isolation. Trust potheads to turn a stressful situation into a chance to crack a few jokes and make some memes.

If you’re going to be stuck inside, and you’d like to buy some weed online to keep you going, come and check out what we’ve got on offer here at Greenz. We’d love to hear your feedback on our inventory, and because we regularly update it make sure you check back now and again so you don’t miss anything. formerly
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