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St. Patrick’s Day marks the day that millions of people get to celebrate the small slivers of their Irish heritage. Whether or not you’re Irish, you still get dressed to the nines in a sea of shamrocks and spend the night with steins of green beer. St. Patrick’s day is one of the biggest drinking days of the year, meaning honey oil for hangovers will help you the next day.


If you plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s day with a bang, you need to be prepared for the inevitable hangover. Cannabis is well-known for its ability to remedy hangovers and honey oil is one of the most effective ways to achieve that relief.


How can you use honey oil to help your hangover the morning after St. Patrick’s Day? Continue reading to learn more about the potent restorative and the properties that will help get you going again.


What is Honey Oil?

There was a time not long ago when the flower form of cannabis was your main option for consumption. The flower of those days was nothing compared to the carefully-crafted strains you can find today, though. Even bud from the lowest shelf offers a higher concentration of THC than the four-finger baggies from a few decades ago.


Then dabbing came onto the scene and launched smokers into an entirely new level. Wax and shatter put even the strongest strains of cannabis flower to shame. The typical THC content in the flower form of cannabis sits somewhere in the 20% range. That pale in comparison to the roughly 80% THC content found in some cannabis concentrates.


There is a middle step between the flower form of cannabis and the wax or shatter used for dabbing. The substance found in this in-between phase is honey oil, the non-technical term for hash oil. It gets its name from the amber or honey-coloured hue seen in freshly-extracted marijuana concentrate.

Honey oil is used to create the perfect St. Patrick’s Day hangover remedy: shatter and wax. The high-powered concentrate is the perfect way to eliminate any discomfort resulting from the night before.

Honey Oil Lemon Haze


The Hurt Behind Your Hangover

You might be surprised to find out that researchers still don’t have a firm grasp on the exact science behind hangovers. Multiple theories exist to explain the discomfort that follows having a few too many the night before. But the precise reason is still up for debate.


Regardless of the reasoning, though, everyone can agree that hangovers are an unfortunate side effect of a night of drinking. The unpleasant condition includes a pounding headache, dry mouth from dehydration, queasy stomach from nausea, and more.


You’ve likely heard one of the many traditional suggestions for “curing” a hangover. Have one glass of water for every drink you’re having. Try to stomach a greasy breakfast the following morning. Drink some strong black coffee with your food. Pop a few ibuprofen to burn away the residual effects.


While these might help slightly, people who use cannabis realize how restorative a quick toke can be the morning after a night of heavy drinking. What is it that makes honey oil such a helpful remedy for your St. Patrick’s Day hangover?

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How Does Honey Oil Help Hangovers?

Thousands of people use cannabis for the physical relief it provides. It relieves the pain and discomfort of things like body aches, nausea, or headaches, the precise things you’re greeted with the morning after St. Patrick’s Day. 


Taking a small dab of shatter or wax will target that pounding headache that wakes you up after a night of drinking. Consuming too much alcohol causes inflammation which causes these excruciating hangover headaches. The anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis reduce the inflammation in your body which helps relieve your headache.


Nausea is another common side effect associated with hangovers. Alcohol is an irritant to your body, causing inflammation to your stomach as well as increasing its acid content. This leads to the queasy feeling that’s common to hangovers. Honey oil concentrates can relieve your nausea and help you get some nutrition back into your body following St. Patrick’s Day.


Some people also experience anxiety during the morning after a night of heavy drinking. Consuming cannabis can calm those frayed nerves that may come with a heavy hangover. If you’re one who deals with leftover nervousness the next morning, honey oil for your hangover might be the exact thing you need.


Getting Your Hands on Honey Oil

You need to prepare yourself ahead of time if you plan to head out for a night of drinking on St. Patrick’s Day. Want to get your hands on some honey oil to help relieve that wicked hangover that’s sure to follow? Check out our deals on honey oil and other marijuana concentrates to help you survive that St. Patrick’s Day hangover! formerly
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