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420 is the hottest date on the calendar for marijuana enthusiasts, but this year’s celebrations are set to be just a little bit different. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing regulations are in place practically all over the world, so it’s not possible to create the kind of 420 party experience some of us may have been used to in the past.


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All is not lost, however — and if there’s one thing you can say about potheads, it’s that they’re resourceful. We’ve scoured the Internet for the most exciting online 420 events that’ll be taking place this April. Read on to discover more about how you can celebrate in style, coronavirus or no coronavirus.


1: Chronic Relief 

Chronic Relief will be running from 1pm to 6pm on April 20th, and it’ll feature musical performances, interviews with celebrities, and more. Designed in the classic variety show mold, it promises to be a great time, but that’s not all; it’ll also be helping out a good cause, as donations will be collected from viewers in order to benefit Feeding America’s Covid-19 Response Fund. 


To tune in just RSVP at, and you’ll get a link to take part in the marathon livestream on the day itself.


2: HighStream 420 Festival 

The Emerald Cup and the National Cannabis Festival are already massive events on the cannabis industry’s calendar, but this year they’re joining together in order to create an even more impressive blowout than usual. Streaming live from 2pm to 8pm via, the HighStream 420 Festival will feature workshops, interactive panels, and live musical performances throughout the day. 


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As well as supporting Crew nation, which is a relief fund for live music production workers, Americans for Safe Access and Drug Policy Alliance — both cannabis advocacy groups — will also be supported by donations made throughout the online 420 event.


3: The Mile High Virtual 4.20K 

Just because we can’t get together in person doesn’t mean we can’t engage in some friendly competition. The Mile High 4.20K race usually takes place at Denver’s Sloan’s Lake, but this year participants will be encouraged to run the 4.2 km course on their own and post the video or photo of their best time on social media. 


You’ll be able to take part at any point between April 18th and April 30th. If you tag the organisation themselves, they might just reshape your post. Registration is free — sign up here.


4: Waldo’s Forever Fest 

As a way to encourage stoners around the world to stay at home and stay safe, Dispensary 33 from Illinois and Do132 are hosting a variety of different events throughout the weekend before the famous 420 holiday itself. Highlights include live DJ sets and drag performances, glass blowing tutorials, workshops on cooking with cannabis, and more.


All you need to do to take part is RSVP via Do312 to get the viewing link. Starting at 4:20pm on April 18th, it promises to be an online 420 event with a difference, since you can drop in and drop out as you please thanks to the sheer amount of different events for you to watch and take part in.


5: 4/20 World Record Zoom 

If you’re not so keen on live-streamed musical performances and you’d rather just take part in an online 420 event session with some of your fellow stoners, the 420 World Record Zoom online event is for you. The plan is to break the world record for the most people consuming cannabis on a video call. 


Hosted by Tony Diepenbrock — who, in addition to being a remote education expert is also the former head of marketing for Flower Co. — every donation will be matched 100%. All proceeds go towards the Last Prisoner Project, which aims to undo the damage done by the criminalisation of cannabis. 



Whether you’re in it for some great live music or you’re in it to share the holiday with your fellow marijuana enthusiasts, the online 420 events mentioned above are bound to get your 420 off to the best possible start, even with the current social distancing situation. 


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If you’re looking for the perfect fuel for your own quarantine 420, be sure to check out the range of products we have on offer here at Greenz. Happy holidays! formerly
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